All change in 2022? Are Boris’ days numbered?

This ‘circuit-breaker lockdown’ is supposedly planned for the New Year – well, I guess the plebs should at least be allowed to celebrate and spend Christmas with their families and loved ones, after all the Tories wouldn’t want to implement anything that would make them ‘look bad’ and have public opinion turned against them, definitely not a ‘vote-winner’…

““Omicron variant” – just more social engineering?” – Grumpy Owl, 18th December 2021

It is very clear now to most people that the mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda and social engineering tool. And the people we ‘elect’ to run our country are nothing more than puppets or ‘useful idiots’, while it is the shadowy figures in the background that are really pulling the strings.

I don’t really want to go over what I have previously written about too much, so here are some older articles which may get you up to speed with what I’m thinking:

Casting a watchful eye over the ‘media narrative’ the last couple of weeks, one cannot help but feel that the public are being manipulated to turn against Boris Johnson and his Conservative government.

There has been a fair bit of anger following the revelations about the ‘Tory Christmas Party scandal’ (and quite rightly so) that look place last year, where members of the Cabinet enjoyed a Christmas party at No.10, while everyone else had restrictions placed on them about mixing with others.

There was also the ‘sleaze’ scandal involving Tory MP Owen Patterson, whose subsequent resignation triggered the by-election in North Shropshire held last week, which was comfortably won by the Liberal Democrat candidate.

While Conservative party members are beginning to turn on Boris Johnson, the media are also sharpening their knives.

And then of course as I wrote in my previous article, the ‘experts’ from SAGE are breathing down Boris’ neck and pressuring him to introduce a new lockdown (sorry, “circuit breaker”) ahead of Christmas, rather than in the New Year, which apparently is “being considered”.

My comment on the Birmingham Mail website, thankfully not yet ‘deactivated’!

Meanwhile, the ‘opposing’ Labour party fully supported the Conservatives in the House Of Commons, in a recent vote on the introduction of ‘vaccine passports’.

Remarkably though, if you believe the opinion polls are real and not another form of manufactured “perception manipulation”, the Tories are still somehow ahead of Labour, but then again that is probably because the Labour party is no credible alternative, led by an uninspiring ‘Sir’ who looks permanently constipated and/or confused.

So the only way you’re going to get voters to turn back to Labour, is if you can somehow make the Tories look like the ‘nasty party’ again and completely undermine any confidence people have in Boris Johnson as a Prime Minister.

See where this is going yet?

Boris is “damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t”.

If he goes ahead and implements this ‘circuit-breaker lockdown’, he risks the wrath of voters who see all their Christmas plans have to be changed and/or cancelled right at the last minute.

If he sticks to introducing this in the New Year, he risks the wrath of those who start complaining that “he didn’t do enough” to stop the “cases from rising” after Christmas, which is inevitable and will be blamed on “people mixing over Christmas”.

No pressure then!

What will happen next year?

I can already foresee one of two situations emerging.

Either Boris will be put under pressure and forced to resign, which will then trigger a Conservative party leadership election, and we’ll end up with a new Prime Minister that nobody voted for. Likely candidates? Umm, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, Priti Patel spring to mind…

Or somehow we’ll see a General Election get called. You can already see some smaller parties already putting themselves on standby for an election campaign, and as I have already pointed out, the media ‘narrative’ is already sticking the knives into the Conservative party and to be honest, at this present time, this is the only way I could see the Labour party ever gaining power, by manipulating and “tricking” people into voting for them.

Just look for what they put into their election manifesto that they don’t crow about on Question Time. There is a keenness to also introduce ‘compulsory vaccination’ which to the best of my knowledge can’t be done under current legislation and would require a change to legislation that there is currently no mandate for.

So it goes without saying, “be careful what you vote for”.

The LibDems are also gaining in confidence, having recently beaten the Conservatives in the Amersham and North Shropshire by-elections. But as I have written previously, they are nothing more than the ‘third-choice’, the party that voters dissatisfied with Tories and Labour turn to, but are still very much part of the Establishment.

People will end up being conned into thinking that a Labour government will make things ‘better’, but the truth is that it will be business as usual and nothing will really fundamentally change, but do look at what you have voted for!

We need to find a way to break this cycle which sees the balance of power shift between Labour and Conservatives, and start getting uncompromised individuals from smaller uncompromised parties that sit outside of The Establishment elected into the House Of Commons, and it will only start once we can find a way to get the majority of people who either choose to, or can’t be bothered to vote, down to their local polling station.

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