The “LibLabCon” – why we live in a ‘fake democracy’

Britain is a democratic country? It must be, we have elections every five years where we elect ‘members of parliament’ to represent us in the House of Commons and to form a government. Parliamentary Prospective Candidates can either stand as ‘independents’ or as members of a political party.

There are two ‘main’ political parties: the Conservative party and the Labour party.

Traditionally on the political spectrum, the Conservatives were the ‘right-wing’ party, while Labour was the ‘left-wing’ party. These two parties have dominated British politics so long, that voters are often left to choose between the two at a general election, with other parties barely getting a look in. This isn’t helped by a ‘first-past-the-post’ voting system that dictates only the party with an overall majority of seats can form a government.

There used to be a time when both parties actually stood for different interests; the Conservatives are traditionally seen as the party of the wealthy and middle-classes, while the Labour Party was representative of the working-classes.

So, there has always been a ‘swinging’ between the two parties, one party will hold power for a number of years, then people get fed up and vote the other party into power, and the cycle continues.

But in recent years, people are noticing that no matter which party is in power, nothing seems to actually change any more. This first became apparent to me when Tony Blair became Labour leader at a time when the Conservatives were in power under the leadership of John Major. The Labour party became ‘New Labour’ and under Tony Blair’s leadership abandoned much of it’s left-wing stance, and shifted into the ‘centre’ of the political spectrum. With the Tories (Conservatives) also shifting into the ‘centre-right’, suddenly there wasn’t a lot of difference between the two, at some times Blair’s New Labour would be referred to as the ‘Red Tories’.

Tony Blair did so much damage to Britain during his premiership it was unbelievable. Yet it was also unbelievable that he was allowed to serve three terms as Prime Minister, with three landslide Labour victories. Only after he stepped down and handed the premiership to Gordon Brown, did people start to think differently, and as a result returned a Conservative / LibDem coalition government in 2010.

Oh yes, I hadn’t forgotten about the Liberal Democrats (LibDems). The ‘third party’, that disaffected voters had often given their ‘protest’ vote to, found it’s ‘centre-ground’ occupied by both the Tories and Labour.

So what changed after 2010? The new Tory/Libdem coalition government quickly set about imposing ‘austerity’, by making cuts to public service funding, which had essentially been overspent during the Labour government, creating lots of bogus un-needed positions, such as “five-a-day co-ordinators” that would advocate people eating their five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day.

But did they set about changing the immigration laws that Labour had put into place? Despite making promises about reducing net immigration to ‘tens of thousands’, the Tory/LibDem government oversaw record numbers of new immigrants. While they bleated about being unable to control migration from the EU due to freedom of movement rules imposed by the EU, they had every opportunity to reverse what Labour had done in 1997, which was to basically allow free movement of people from all countries outside the EU, in particular Pakistan (see David Vincent’s excellent book “2030: Your Childrens Future In Islamic Britain” for the full details of this).

At the snap election last year (2017) which was foolishly called by David Cameron’s replacement Theresa May despite the fact she didn’t need to, we very nearly ended up with another Labour government.

So where am I going with all this?

What I am saying is that what we have is an Establishment Elite, that control most of the political parties that we believe offer us a ‘choice’.

The truth is that Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, as well as to an extent the Greens, and also the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Plaid Cymru, are all the same party, all representing the same Establishment interests (their own), different sides of the same coin.

We have all been tricked into believing we have a choice when it comes to elections. We are exposed to ‘opinion polls’ which can be used to manipulate voters. We have ‘experts’ telling us what they ‘believe’ is the best outcome. We have campaign leaflets and broadcasts making promises and pledges that will never be delivered.

These people are just actors, at worst pantomime characters. In truth, they are puppets. Their strings being pulled by the same secret hands hiding in the shadows.

And this is why we merely have an illusion of democracy. While we keep voting either of these parties into power, nothing will ever change. There may be some diversionary illusion of change, to keep the voters perception going, but the status quo will be maintained, and the hidden agenda, followed by all parties, will be continued behind the scenes.

While people keep voting for the LibLabCon, nothing will change.

The whole Brexit situation is a perfect example of why there is truly no democracy in our country any more. There was a referendum in 2016 (promised by David Cameron’s Conservatives in their 2015 manifesto, and agreed by Parliament) on the UK’s membership of the European Union. A majority voted at that referendum to Leave the EU. Since then, our government, led by Theresa May (after David Cameron bravely stepped down rather than follow through on his promise to ‘implement your decision’) has done its best to pretend to be seen to be ‘implementing your decision’ while doing its best to wriggle out of the whole situation (hence why I believed Theresa May called the snap election in 2017 in the hope that she would lose), while numerous others are continually trying to undermine that result or indeed to reverse it or ignore it.

Some interesting reading for you, my friends at UKIP Daily have a series of articles which are collections from the Hansard – the record of all debates in Parliament – related to discussions from BEFORE the UK was signed up to the Common Market in 1973. And a lot of what was being said back then echoes exactly the same as was being said during and after this referendum campaign in 2016.

Start with Part One here…

So please, be under no illusions that if you’re unhappy with the way the current Tory government is running/ruining the country, voting Labour into power next time around will make a damn bit of difference. Because Labour will just simply continue where Tony Blair left off, and finish off the job that the Tories have been continuing in their absence.

The only way to get any change is to vote for a party that is NOT part of the current Establishment, and I believe that party is UKIP. Yes, UKIP isn’t perfect, it may not get into power straight-away, but just ‘sending a message’ isn’t enough, UKIP needs MPs in the House of Commons in order to start making a difference.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) will tell you that UKIP have no chance, is a ‘laughing stock’, but that is their job: to perpetuate this ‘myth’ that you only have a choice between Labour or the Tories. Because the MSM is part of the rotten Establishment, and it is their job to ensure the present ‘status-quo’ is maintained.

Because Britain is a ‘democratic’ country, you only get to make your voice heard once every five years. You have a voice, make it heard 365 days a year. And make your vote count.

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