Coronavirus Observations

A psychological operation on a grand scale

Well, its February 2021 and nearly a year since the UK went into ‘lockdown’ because of the ‘COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic’. Nearly a year of incessant daily reminders about ‘washing your hands’, and nearly a year since we were all introduced to the concepts of ‘social distancing’, “shielding” and “self-isolation”. All in the name of ‘stopping […]

Coronavirus Health & Medical Observations Witterings

Variants and Vaccines – some questions NOT being asked at press conferences

So now the latest ‘talk’ is that of these new ‘mutant strains’ or ‘variants’ of this coronavirus / COVID-19 that are doing the rounds. At the last count, we have the ‘UK variant’, the ‘Brazilian variant’ and the ‘South African variant’, and we are being told that these ‘new strains’ are ‘more contagious’ and spreading […]