The mainstream media’s ‘subtle’ promotion of OnlyFans

The mainstream media’s ‘subtle’ promotion of OnlyFans
Image by Victoria from Pixabay

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain what OnlyFans is, and that’s not really the focus so much in this article.

What intrigues me though is the way that the mainstream media is subtly promoting or pushing this platform, usually ‘baiting’ people with how much money can be made.

I have seen numerous examples of this in the last couple of years, but this is the latest one that appeared on the Birmingham Mail (Reach Plc) website today.

Woman lives in four bed detached house that’s paid off with money from unusual business

An OnlyFans model making up to £30k a month by working “24/7”, including selling photos of her feet, revealed how she uses her money – and her plans to spend it on an unusual “obsession”. Lauren Spencer, among the top 0.3 per cent of earners on the adult subscription site, sells her content across the world, from Birmingham to Antarctica.

In an interview with BirminghamLive the woman, aged in her 50s, opened up on the reality of webcamming, selling feet photos and earning £3 a minute for ‘wiggling her toes’ on live streams. She runs the lucrative business full time with her husband, providing income for both of them – and hopes to carry on for as long as she can.

It all started when the pandemic hit, grinding their original housekeeping business to a halt for two years. From there, it was either “use my life savings to survive or do something else”, she said. “Years ago I had taken naughty phone calls so I thought, ‘I’ll do that during the pandemic’, which led to webcam, which led to content creation and specifically, foot pictures and foot live streams.”

Now that is a lot of money to be making, but bear in mind that she is in the very-top end there as pointed out in that article.

What she does is presented as ‘mostly harmless’, taking photos and videos of her feet for those with weird foot-fetishes. But of course, as anyone should know, there is more to OnlyFans content than that…

She now earns between £10,000 and £30,000 a month after the 20 per cent cut from OnlyFans, but she stresses it is a full time job from 6.30am to 9pm – and she never takes a day off, not even for Christmas or Bank Holidays.

It’s also extremely lucrative for the owners of OnlyFans as well, if they’re taking a 20% commission on all revenue earned through the platform. No wonder they’re keen to get as many people onboard.

Now I’m no prude, and I don’t begrudge people who choose to make money by flaunting their bodies on camera to strangers on the internet. And likewise if you’ve got the money to pay for this content to watch and get off to, then that’s your choice.

During a “cost-of-living crisis” there must be many people, especially young girls, desperate to make some extra cash to help make ends meet.

Lauren Spencer, lovely feet

It concerns me that the media are almost ‘frivolously’ promoting OnlyFans as a way to make ‘great sums of money’, while neglecting to inform people about the ‘bad side’ of the platform. The news articles are also illustrated with photos showing the persons-in-question ‘flaunting’ themselves, see right.

It saddens me that many young people now aspire to become social media ‘influencers’ or OnlyFans ‘models’, because they see this as an ‘easy way to make money’, rather than studying hard at school and then working your way up a career ladder to enjoy some meaningful success doing an actual worthwhile job.

Is it any surprise then that there is a severe skills shortage in this country?

I guess somehow this is all part of the social-engineering gearing people up for the ‘new normal’ – a future post-employment world, where those “that can” will be selling their bodies virtually, while those “that can’t” will be peddling around on bicycles delivering takeaways…


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