Variants and Vaccines – some questions NOT being asked at press conferences

So now the latest ‘talk’ is that of these new ‘mutant strains’ or ‘variants’ of this coronavirus / COVID-19 that are doing the rounds. At the last count, we have the ‘UK variant’, the ‘Brazilian variant’ and the ‘South African variant’, and we are being told that these ‘new strains’ are ‘more contagious’ and spreading […]

Global cataclysm coming soon?

For some time now, I’ve become fascinated with learning about “what they don’t teach in schools”. I really do believe that a lot of what we are taught as ‘history’ has been twisted and altered, and particularly so many events have been recorded as ‘facts’ despite no practical explanation as to ‘what happened and why’ […]

Seriously, ALL lives matter

“Black Lives Matter”. It’s a big ‘hot topic’ at the moment. In principle, I would agree, black lives DO matter. But I prefer to look at the bigger picture, and when I say that ALL Lives Matter, I’m not saying this in any kind of ‘racist’ way, I really mean it. Black lives matter. White […]

Tommy Robinson joins the Tories – and no-one bats an eyelid

From The Morning Star on Friday 13th December: Anti-Islam activist ‘Tommy Robinson’ announces he’s joined the Tories FAR-RIGHT businessman Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – infamous as “Tommy Robinson” – has announced that he has joined the Conservative Party following its general election victory. In a message to his subscribers on Telegram, an online messaging service popular with […]

Declaring war on Amazon

I came across the following articles concerning Amazon, and I must admit, I got “triggered” (again!) Daily Mail: Amazon has nearly HALVED its tax bill to just £4.5m despite seeing sales in Britain soar to £2bn a year – as it stands accused of crippling our high streets: Daily Mail: Fake store fronts now […]