“Omicron variant” – just more social engineering?

So right on schedule, just a few weeks before Christmas, a ‘new variant’ of the SARS-Cov2 coronavirus was ‘detected’ in South Africa.

This new variant became known as ‘Omicron’, and has now somehow miraculously spread across the planet.

First of all let’s start with what doctors in South Africa are actually saying. It was initially reported by one South African doctor that the ‘cases’ she had found with this new variant were only exhibiting ‘mild symptoms’.

A recent update reveals the following:

Michelle Groome, the head of Public Health Surveillance at South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases, said: “The hospitalisations are not increasing at such a dramatic rate.

“We are starting to see some increases, but relatively small increases in deaths.”

Professor Salim Abdool Karim said: “If you look at our current situation, we are showing lower severity across the full cascade.

“We are seeing fewer patients who are now symptomatic. We are seeing more asymptomatic cases.

“Of those who have symptoms, fewer of them require hospitalisations.

“Of those who’ve been hospitalised, fewer of them need oxygenation.

“Fewer of them need ICU care and fewer of them are dying.”

“South Africa issue update on Omicron’s effect on deaths and hospitalisations” – Birmingham Mail (18th December 2021)

On on the surface of this, this new ‘variant’ isn’t all that bad then?

If you follow the commonly accepted ‘germ theory’ regarding viruses, it is generally accepted that viruses do mutate, but that they usually become ‘weaker’ with every new mutation – this is of course why it has never been possible to eliminate the ‘common cold’, or why annual flu vaccines ‘don’t work’ in general.

But as we’ve seen so much over the last two years, the medical encyclopedia is being rapidly rewritten in order to suit the current narrative and agenda. Even the BBC had the gall to state the following in a recent article (my emphasis in bold)

There is also a desire to understand how sick people are getting with Omicron. It is often incorrectly claimed that a virus must become milder as it mutates. The reality is much more complicated and it will take time to get the answer as the country with the most confirmed cases, South Africa, has a relatively young population. The younger you are the milder Covid tends to be.

“New Covid variant: Will new measures against Omicron work?” – BBC News (28th November 2021)

Of course, the UK Government was urged to ‘take action’ and the mainstream media went into overdrive, with people being urged to ‘get your booster jab’, and for those who were still unvaccinated to ‘get the jab’. And then on 30th November, ‘compulsory wearing of face-coverings’ was reintroduced on public transport and in shops.

But curiously not for pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues.

MPs then voted in Parliament to introduce ‘vaccine passports’ in order to gain entry to ‘large-scale public events’ such as football matches and music concerts.

It has also emerged in the last couple of days that the Government is considering introducing a “two week circuit-breaker” in order to (yawn) “curb the spread of this virus”.

Yeah, because that worked so well last time didn’t it?

This ‘circuit-breaker lockdown’ is supposedly planned for the New Year – well, I guess the plebs should at least be allowed to celebrate and spend Christmas with their families and loved ones, after all the Tories wouldn’t want to implement anything that would make them ‘look bad’ and have public opinion turned against them, definitely not a ‘vote-winner’…

But even so now, as the media narrative goes into overdrive, our lovely ‘experts’ at SAGE are desperate to ruin Christmas for everyone, by stating that the ‘circuit-breaker’ should come into effect sooner.

A two week circuit breaker lockdown after Christmas would be TOO late, an expert has warned.

Professor Stephen Reicher said more action needed to be taken now.

Mr Reicher, a professor of social psychology at the University of St Andrews and member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), issued the warning on Saturday.

It came amid claims a two week circuit breaker is being fleshed out by the government.

Prof Reicher told Times Radio that “all the science suggests that (Plan B is) not going to be enough”.

He said: “The only way really, or at least the most effective way, we can have an immediate effect is to decrease the number of contacts we have.

“In many ways, the most effective way of diminishing contact is to have a circuit-breaker.

“Now, you could have it after Christmas, the problem is after Christmas it’s probably too late, it’s probably by then we will have had a huge surge of infections with all the impact upon society.

“When people say ‘look, we don’t want to close down’, of course, we don’t want to close down. But the problem is at the moment, things are closing down anyway, because of the spread of infection.

“So I think we need to act now.”

“Two week circuit breaker lockdown should happen before Christmas, SAGE expert warns” – Birmingham Mail (18th December 2021)

Notice that this SAGE ‘expert’ is not a medical doctor, but a ‘professor of social psychology’?

Which leads me into the point of this article. South African doctors have suggested that this new ‘heavily mutated variant’ of the SARS-Cov2 coronavirus isn’t actually all that deadly and lethal, and that while they have experienced some deaths, most cases have been quite mild and people have recovered.

Even at present in the UK, the number of hospitalisations is still very low, though ‘cases are significantly rising’, and so far I’ve seen ONE death reported, “with Omicron” (as opposed to ‘from’).

So it would seem in my opinion, that the ‘threat’ of this new variant is being greatly exaggerated by our own mainstream media, and the Government’s response seems to be out of proportion.

So what’s it all for? It is more social engineering and psychological manipulation. The main purpose is to ‘coerce’ the public into either becoming ‘vaccinated’, and for those already ‘fully vaccinated’ to get their ‘booster’. Because of course after just a few months, your first/second jabs are now ‘wearing off’ and in order to ‘stay safe’ you need to get your booster in order to ‘maintain protection’.

This is despite the fact that it was unclear whether the current batch of vaccines would even be effective against this ‘heavily mutated strain’.

Get jabbed or ‘boosted’ anyway.

What about ‘vaccine passports’ then?

As for the idea of ‘vaccine passports’, well this is a whole piss-take in itself.

It has been pointed out previously that vaccination only ‘protects’ you from ‘dying’ from this virus if you catch it, but even if you are vaccinated you can still ‘catch it’ and ‘spread it’ to others.

And even if you are vaccinated, people are still being urged to ‘test daily’ with these ‘lateral flow test kits’ now being handed out again like confetti.

Brits have been warned a “test from yesterday is not enough” as the mutant strain Omicron spreads across the nation.

People are being urged to test regularly – even daily – as the variant spreads across the country.

The most effective way to stop the spread of the Omicron variant of coronavirus would be to have a circuit breaker lockdown before Christmas, a leading Government adviser has said.

Professor Irene Petersen, an epidemiologist who led the UCL research on lateral flow devices told The Independent: “This provides a quick way of checking in real-time, without the inherent delays of PCR testing, whether or not you are infected and infectious.

“You should be aware that you may switch from being noninfectious to infectious within hours.

He added: “A test from yesterday is not enough,”

“We should consider a negative LFT as a ‘flashing amber light.’”

“Urgent warning issued to anybody taking lateral flow test as two week circuit breaker plans drawn up” – Birmingham Mail (18th December 2021)

It’s extremely odd to me that this messaging is encouraging people to ‘test themselves regularly’, indeed even daily (or even hourly?), while at the same time the UK Government is planning to introduce ‘vaccine passports’ using the NHS Covid App to determine who is allowed to enter certain types of venues.

The idea that only ‘fully vaccinated persons’ should be allowed to attend major pop concerts or sporting events is utterly ludicrous, based on what has been pointed out already in this article. ‘Fully-vaccinated people’ can still harbour and carry this phantom menace virus, so it seems to me it makes very little difference in reality, especially as even ‘fully-vaccinated’ people are becoming ‘sick’ and dying from this.

So what’s the point?

The point is that NONE of this is about public health and safety. This is all about making people fearful, afraid of their own shadows, scared about catching a deadly virus and infecting others, while at the same time coercing people into believing that an apartheid society is ‘acceptable’, and that they should be comfortable with allowing technology to dictate how people lead their lives, and determine what permissions they have.

I’ve seen numerous instances where people allow themselves to be dictated to by apps and websites – whether through ‘notifications’ or ‘recommendations’ – to the point where I think people are already being controlled through their smartphones, and are increasingly unable to think for themselves.

Your freedom is already lost, if you choose to allow a ‘vaccine passport app’ to determine whether or not you (or anyone else for that matter) can be allowed to enter a nightclub or football ground.

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