The ‘demonisation’ of Cummings is a media device to influence public opinion

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Up until a few weeks ago, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was being portrayed as some kind of ‘hero’ by the mainstream press. After all, back in December 2019 he and his Conservative party had won a General Election by some margin, and earlier this year he had delivered on his promise to “get Brexit done”.

Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn were trailing in the opinion polls, and it seemed the Tories could do no wrong. Heck, even Boris himself managed to catch the lurgy, sorry, “coronavirus” and spent a few days in hospital, before making a miraculous recovery on Easter Sunday and being discharged from hospital.

Since then, the Labour party has managed to shake off Corbyn and now has a new leader, proper ‘man of the people’ “Sir” Keir Starmer, who claims to be a ‘socialist’ whilst sporting a knighthood presented by the Queen, and having been former director of the Crown Prosecution Service. So, very much one of those ‘champagne socialists’, very much in the Tony Blair mould I feel.

So anyway in the last few days, we’ve had the media relentlessly banging on about Boris Johnson’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings, who has apparently been ‘very naughty’ having been found out to have broken the Government’s own lockdown rules back in March by having the nerve to drive all the way up north to Durham to attend to his children.

I’m not going to go into the details of what he did, because quite frankly I don’t really care.

But what interests me more is the ‘reaction’ from our mainstream media, and how they are presenting their ‘opinions’ as news, and I feel this is being done maliciously.

I note with interest how Mr Cummings was being ‘slammed’ by the media for “putting peoples’ lives at risk” by not following ‘social distancing’ or ‘essential journey’ rules. While the same media gathered in a pack – not observing any ‘social-distancing’ guidelines themselves it would appear – outside his house.

I believe that what is happening here is that the mainstream media – aided and abetted by the “Twitterati” and other social media accomplices – with their incessant calls for Mr Cummings to resign, or for Boris to sack him, have taken the first steps in a battle to alter the public perception.

Of course, the next scheduled General Election is still some way off, the ‘Fixed-Term Parliament Act’ means the next one isn’t timetabled until 2024, but having already had two ‘snap’ elections called since 2015, nothing surprises me anymore.

But once you understand that the Government and elections are a sham – and the people you ‘elect’ into Government don’t actually run the country – it makes sense that the general electorate’s perceptions and ‘opinion’ has to be swayed somewhat, because it is those people who will then ‘elect’ the next bunch of puppets to seemingly govern this country.

So the Tories (Conservatives) are still somehow riding high in the opinion polls, but Labour has their ‘new man’ in place now.

A way has to be found to start shifting a majority of the voting public back towards ‘favouring’ a Labour government again, especially as it seemed a majority of people really weren’t taken in by Jeremy Corbyn.

Here we go then, with the ‘hit-pieces’ against the Tory government, starting with ‘lockdown breaker’ Dominic Cummings.

There is obviously much more to this fella that I don’t know, he is also apparently an ‘architect of Brexit’.

But by targeting this man, the media is also attacking Boris Johnson, and indeed the Tory party.

Shifting public opinions won’t happen overnight, and as we’ve seen before in the past these ‘power elites’ are happy to play the long-game, knowing full well they’ll get the desired results in the end.

So mark my words, this current fiasco is just the start of the ‘opening shots’, and within a couple of years, public opinion will have been shifted so much that a Labour-majority government will become a formality.

While I couldn’t really care less about the Tories, expect the levels of vitriol from the media to start accelerating over the next few months.

How’s about a ‘second wave’ of “Coronavirus” to be blamed on the Tories relaxing lockdown restrictions “too soon”?

Oh, it’s coming….

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