‘Asymptomatic transmission’, herd immunity, and how this ‘pandemic’ will never end

The concept of ‘asymptomatic transmission’ was unheard of to me, up until early last year (2020). The idea being that someone can become ‘infected’ by a virus, yet show no symptoms or become seriously ill as a result. But they can still ‘pass this on’ and infect other people.

Remember this ‘messaging’ from last year?

I guess it all came about for two reasons:

  1. The need to explain away why so many people were ‘testing positive’ for Covid with PCR and lateral flow tests, yet didn’t develop any symptoms, get seriously ill, or die.
  2. The need to scare people and make them fearful of being around other people.

It’s also a great way to cripple industries and bring down economies, if you have a way of forcing perfectly healthy people to ‘isolate’ and stay at home, unable to work or do their jobs.

I learned a bit about many things while I was at school, and have learned a fair few things since then.

With regards to the concept of ‘herd immunity’ – another buzzword that got bandied around a lot early last year – my understanding has always been that if there is some virus or ‘bug’ that is doing the rounds, if you catch this ‘bug’ and develop symptoms, that’s when it is possible to ‘become infectious’ and pass it on to others. If you ‘catch a virus’, and your immune system responds to it – ie you don’t develop symptoms or become ill – then it is not possible for that virus to spread any further.

The immune system develops a ‘response’ after becoming exposed to such bugs and viruses, so after the first time you catch it, your immune system responds appropriately next time you become ‘infected’ by this bug.

‘Herd immunity’ comes about once a significant proportion of a population has become exposed to a virus or other contagion, which their immune systems respond to, and thus prevent the virus spreading any further.

Well, that has always been my own understanding anyway, and it has always made sense.

So it came as no surprise to anyone with an amount of critical thinking left in them, that early this year (2020), with the arrival of the various vaccines for Covid that came seemingly out of nowhere, the definition of ‘herd immunity’ was swiftly changed in the medical dictionary, and this was now only possible through ‘mass vaccination’.

Yet we are also constantly reminded that even if you are ‘vaccinated’, you can still ‘catch and spread’ this virus.

And of course, thanks to ‘asymptomatic transmission’, you can still ‘catch and spread’ this virus, without becoming ill from it yourself.

Then again, we also have the various mutations or ‘variants’ of this virus that suddenly appear.

Again, I have always been of the understanding that viruses do mutate, but it has always been the case that as they mutate, they generally become ‘weaker’ or ‘less virulent’. This will of course be the reason why it has never been possible to eradicate the ‘common cold’ or any other types of mild influenza, both of which are caused by various forms of coronavirus.

Yes, for the benefit of those who are otherwise blissfully unaware, coronaviruses have been with us for many years and are not a new phenomenon.

So I ask the question, is it the case now that we find ourselves in a position where ‘herd immunity’ cannot be achieved by ‘natural means’ as a result of ‘asymptomatic transmission’ whereby one can become infected by a virus which can then go about its business and reproducing itself without causing any harm or distress to its carrier?

It would seem to me that the foundations have been laid for a virus that is going to last ‘forever’, if it is somehow able to bypass the human immune system response that would normally stop it in its tracks.

And clearly ‘mass vaccination’ is not the answer either, based on the urgency of getting people to ‘get jabbed’ or ‘get boosted’.

And as for ‘vaccine passports’ which mean that only the ‘vaxxed’ can access large scale public events, what is the point if even the ‘vaccinated’ can still ‘catch and spread’ this virus?

So to conclude, it would seem to me that the rewriting of the medical dictionary/encyclopedia has been done in such a way that there is no escaping this current cycle of events; this ‘virus’ is never just going to ‘fizzle out’ and the pandemic is never going to come to any natural conclusion, it is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and it is clearly being orchestrated to instigate massive behavioural and societal changes.

It only ends when the ultimate endgame has been achieved…

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