Only UKIP can save our country

I’ve written in previous posts here about how the Brexit that we voted for is turning into a ‘rebranding charade’, and that the LibDem/Tory/Labour parties are one and the same.

So what alternative option is there? UKIP of course!

Now, don’t get me wrong, UKIP did/does still have its faults. But under the helm of Gerard Batten, the future does look much brighter, and the antics of both the current Tory and Labour parties are surely just helping UKIP ever more.

The media take great delight in dismissing UKIP as a spent force, “job done” after the EU Referendum result in 2016.

Nigel Farage stepping down didn’t help matters, then the leadership of Paul Nuttall during the 2017 General Election campaign, followed by the disasterous leadership of Henry Bolton which threatened to put the party out of existence.

But mark my words, UKIP is revitalised, and with Theresa May’s Tories’ handling of the Brexit ‘negotiations’, as well as Corbyn’s Labour’s floundering on the same matter, UKIP is still as relevant as ever.

Why? Because now there really is nothing between the Tory and Labour parties on Brexit. They both want the same thing! Neither party can commit itself to breaking free from the chains of the EU, preferring to cling to the ‘comfort blanket’ by renaming various parts of EU treaties as something different, while staying exactly the same.

Is this what 17.4m voters chose?

No, they didn’t. And if anyone truly believes that either the Tory or Labour parties will follow through on their pledges is sadly mistaken.

Does anyone actually know what Labour’s position is? No, because they won’t commit to any, for fear of losing votes. But if anything, the position of the Labour party (or at least Keir Starmer’s position) is not too dissimilar.

So that brings me to UKIP.

UKIP is a party that was founded on one policy: to leave the European Union, and for the UK to become an independent country.

So as to where we are right now, I hand you over to Mr Gerard Batten, leader of UKIP:

There is a real great danger that Theresa May’s flimsy Goverment, propped up by the DUP, is going to fall in the next few days, and a general election will be called.

This will be a time when the faith of a great number of people will be called into question. We can either keep voting Labour or Tory, and hoping things will turn out for the best, or we can vote in numbers for real change.

The Establishment love that people think there are only ever two choices when it comes to the ballot box, after all that is how they maintain their control over us.

I will just add that while it is admirable that there are other alternative parties, such as For Britain, Democrats & Veterans etc, we must all come together, put aside our differences, and unite behind one party, because the one failing of the First Past The Post system of voting we have in this country, is that votes for all these splinter parties just dilutes the “alternative vote” and magnifies the result for the traditional Establishment parties.

On this one and only occasion, please vote UKIP!

Not convinced? Please listen below to the reasons why popular Youtube commentator Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars fame decided to join UKIP.

Again, he may be Marmite to some people, but he does make a lot of sense to others.

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