Welcoming Trump to the UK, why not?

Let me start by giving you my opinion on Donald Trump.

I’m no fan of Mr Trump, while there are some policies of his that I do agree with, there are others that I don’t.

But I respect the fact that he is the democratically-elected President Of The United States. He is ‘not my President’ only in that he has no jurisdiction over the British people, and I am not an American citizen.

He does appear to be a very ‘Marmite’ president though, seems you either love him, or loathe him.

He is due to make an official visit to the UK later this week, and while I won’t personally be rolling out the red carpet for him, I am astounded by the reception he possibly faces.

First of all, there is due to take place an ‘anti-Trump’ protest in London, part of which will involve the flying of a ‘Baby Trump’ balloon over London.

This has been ‘approved’ by Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan, who has made his feelings known about Mr Trump on several previous occasions.

Now, if people want to gather and ‘protest’, I respect that they have the right to do so. But as always, what exactly are these people going to be protesting about? Who are these people anyway?

The answer is the protest will likely consist of the usual ‘rent-a-mob’; people no doubt paid to wave placards that have been manufactured for them, shouting and screaming insults they have been instructed/programmed to shout, and generally being a nuisance, while not having any clue about what they’re actually protesting against.

See this video below for examples of what I mean!

If people genuinely want to protest against Donald Trump, that’s fine with me, as long as its kept peaceful and respectful. Flying a huge inflatable Baby Trump balloon over London, is incredibly rude and disrepectful, in my opinion.

Then on the other hand, we have news that a rally in support of Donald Trump, has seen the organisers threatened with arrest under the Public Order Act by the London Metropolitan Police Force.

So let’s get this quite clear: the Mayor Of London says it is perfectly fine for protestors to fly a disrespectful balloon over London, but the Met Police are threatening arrests of the organisers of a ‘peaceful’ rally in support of Trump and America?

This, my friends, tells you all you need to know about the state of things here in our supposedly free and democratic country.

The pro-Trump rally it appears will be going ahead anyway, as the Met Police threats have been challenged by the London Assembly.

But what a disgusting farce this all is.

My one plea to anyone attending the pro-Trump rally (I can’t make it myself unfortunately) is to make sure it stays peaceful and positive, and to not give the police any ammunition by causing any trouble.

But you can be assured that the anti-Trump protest will see trouble, as the paid-up rent-a-mob spew their vitriol and smash stuff up, while the police turn a blind eye, as always. That aspect won’t be reported by our biased media.

To conclude, this morning, I took the opportunity to write to President Trump, to express my embarrassment at the potentially hostile reception he faces on arrival in the UK, and to assure him that those people are not representative of the British people as a whole, and that there are a great number of us who would warmly welcome him to our country, despite what our media would have us believe.

And this is from someone who while neither loving or loathing The Donald, would be honoured to sit down and meet with him.

If you’d like to send a message of support to the President of The USA, you can do so here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

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