Feeling hot, hot hot…

Feeling hot, hot hot…

It’s 2018 and here in Great Britain we are finally having a summer worth moaning over.

We’ve finally reached a point where we are seemingly entitled to complain about “how hot it is”.

The funny thing is that so many people have forgotten what a ‘real’ Summer is like in the Northern Hemisphere, that when it happens, they forget why it happens.

Is it down to ‘dumbing down’? Quite possibly.

The simple fact is that during Summer, it can potentially get quite hot, due to the Earth being closer to the Sun, as it tilts on its axis on its orbit around the sun.

And likewise, during Winter, when that part of the Earth is tilted away from the Sun, things tend to get a bit colder in that part of the hemisphere.

I mean, it’s not really rocket science.

But the fact that so many people still get alarmed by this basic bit of science, should be cause for alarm.

It’ll be blamed on ‘global warming’ or something any time soon.

The truth is we’ve just got lucky. Enjoy it while it lasts, it’ll soon be Winter again, then you’ll all be moaning about how cold it is.