Sandwell: the one-party state

I spent much of my life living in Sandwell, a metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, sitting between Dudley and Birmingham. Although I was born in Dudley and lived there for four years, much of my life I grew up in Oldbury and Smethwick, before moving to Birmingham ten years ago in 2008. The Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell was formed in 1974, merging several boroughs, … Continue reading Sandwell: the one-party state

Doctor Who: adventures in time, space, political correctness and diversity

Since I was a child, I have loved the adventures of “Doctor Who”, the longest running show ever and one of the BBC’s finest creations. For the uninitiated, it tells the tale of a ‘Time Lord’ from the planet of Gallifrey, who stole a time machine called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions in Space) which was supposed to change its form to blend in … Continue reading Doctor Who: adventures in time, space, political correctness and diversity

Opinion Polls and the Sheep Mentality

How often do you see news stories beginning with ‘latest polls suggest…’, or ‘a new opinion poll reveals…’? Understanding that much of the mainstream media output is just propaganda, is a good starting point. Their purpose is to try and lead the masses into a particular way of thinking, always towards the outcome they are looking to impose. If the public can be tricked into … Continue reading Opinion Polls and the Sheep Mentality

Declaring war on Amazon

I came across the following articles concerning Amazon, and I must admit, I got “triggered” (again!) Daily Mail: Amazon has nearly HALVED its tax bill to just £4.5m despite seeing sales in Britain soar to £2bn a year – as it stands accused of crippling our high streets: Daily Mail: Fake store fronts now lining the high street devastated by online shopping… just five … Continue reading Declaring war on Amazon