Flashback: “We do not recommend face masks for general wearing” (April 2020)

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For some reason, this video is ‘trending’ at No2 in the Most Watched section of the BBC News homepage.

Nothing to do with me, but obviously it is being widely shared ‘somewhere’.

Meanwhile the ‘top story’ on the BBC News home is this:

Coronavirus: I trust people’s sense on face masks – Gove

Senior minister Michael Gove has said he does not think face coverings should be compulsory in shops in England, saying he trusts people’s common sense.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr, Mr Gove said wearing a mask in a shop was “basic good manners”.

On Friday, Boris Johnson said a “stricter” approach was needed so people wear masks in confined spaces.

Senior government sources have said the issue is being kept under review, as Labour called for clarity on the issue.

Currently, face coverings are compulsory on public transport in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

In Scotland, they are also mandatory in shops. Wales recommends masks but they are not compulsory.


So we’re having all this ‘umming and aahing’ from politicians about whether to wear or not to wear masks or face coverings.

Yet back in April, the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer said:

…he does not believe healthy people wearing masks will reduce the spread of coronavirus.

It’s all bollocks!

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