The media are lowering the bar for what constitutes ‘hot weather’, but why?

The media are lowering the bar for what constitutes ‘hot weather’, but why?

It’s not been difficult for anyone who browses through local news websites to notice an increasing number of weather-related articles in recent months, but ones that bear no resemblance to actual reality, or ‘the weather in your area’.

Throughout the winter months, there was a never-ending stream of similar news articles warning about “xxx miles of snow/rain” or “xxx hours/cms” of snow. Along with the usual histrionics of ‘snowbomb’, ‘icebomb’, ‘Arctic blast’ etc etc.

Yes, it is true that some parts of the UK did get a bit cold, and some parts also did experience some heavy snow. But to the best of my knowledge, despite all of this that was ‘reported’ in the Birmingham Mail, I can remember us having about 5 minutes of snow here in Birmingham.

Anyway, winter is now behind us – apparently! – and as I write this it is coming to the end of April, so we are now well into the season of spring. Despite it still being quite cold and wet, the news media are now taking great delight in ‘warning’ us about forthcoming “heatwaves”.

Yes, that’s right, as to be expected, any period of ‘warm weather’ now has to be classified as a ‘heatwave’.

Birmingham Mail ‘stories’ at the start of April

I’m trying to think back now, I can only remember a few days when we had any decent weather here in Birmingham, certainly nowhere near 20C.

From April 11th

I definitely don’t remember any heatwave!

What is concerning is how the media are ‘ramping up the rhetoric’ with regards how they are reporting on ‘warm weather’.

You can clearly see what they’re up to here. Last year saw an absence of ‘extreme heat’ in the UK, and it’s looking unlikely that we’ll see any more record high temps this year as well. So in order to fear-monger and push the ‘climate change’ narrative, they have to lower the bar or threshold for what constitutes ‘high temperature’. And the meaning itself of ‘heatwave’ is being utterly undermined.

Last time I saw weather charts like that on the right, was when we experienced 30-40C temps in 2022. If they’re now resorting to this colour scheme for 19-21C, who knows what hyperbole will be churned out when it does actually get ‘a bit hot’.

It didn’t take long though, just a few days ago on Monday, I came across the following:

From Birmingham Mail website, Monday 29th April

UK weather maps show the country sizzling and scorching with 22C highs in a matter of says – with three parts of England set to be sweltering hottest amid the May blast. The maps, courtesy of Netweather and WXCharts, show temperatures peaking on May 13 and May 14 in Scotland, the Midlands, and the south east.

“UK set for 22C scorcher next week with two parts of England hottest” – Birmingham Mail, 29th April 2024

Seriously, who writes this rubbish? Yes, I know full well that it is all just “click-bait churn” for these so-called journalists. But when did 22C temperatures become “sizzling and scorching” or even ‘sweltering hot’?

I think that going into June, July and even August, we might see a few days where temperatures rise up towards the 30C mark, but we’re not really going to experience any ‘extreme highs’ as we did in 2021 and 2022.

Those who still have long-term memories may remember the Covid Pandemic Lockdown in 2020, which neatly coincided with a long spell of lovely warm weather from March through to August, during which time most people meekly obeyed the Government’s instructions to “remain indoors” and lock themselves in their homes.

2021 saw a pretty decent summer, as did 2022, with the occasional spells of “record-breaking temperatures”, and in England in 2022 we had a good solid week of 30C+ temperatures.

The narrative started to unfold last year in 2023 though, I seem to recall we had a similar cold and wet start to the year, as we have done in 2024, and while we had a fairly decent June, after that point, through July and August, it became more ‘mild and wet’, certainly the coolest summer I remember in some time.

So perhaps we can expect more of the same this year. But the media need to keep formenting this idea in people of ‘climate change’ and ‘extreme weather events’.

If we’re not actually going to experience any real ‘extreme heat’ this summer, then all they will do is lower the threshold of what constitutes ‘extreme heat’.

The definition of ‘heatwave’ has already been drastically diluted, now it is being used to refer to any period of warm weather, even if it is just one day!

Sizzling, scorching and sweltering used to be reserved for when it was over 30C. Not 20-22C. Which in my opinion is ‘very pleasant’.

If we do manage to see a few days in June where it tips over 24C towards 30C, I can’t wait to see what hyperbole and rhetoric the media come out with!

The extreme highs of 2022 are behind us now I suspect, and as the solar cycle advances, I expect we’ll go back to more ‘normal’ summers for the next few years, until the next solar cycle kicks in. Though I hope we might at least have a nicer, drier summer than last years!

There is such a thing as ‘climate change’, but it is not man-made, it changes with the solar cycle which lasts roughly 11-12 years. As I mentioned earlier in this article, those with long-term memories will notice patterns in the timing of ‘very hot summers’, as well as ‘very cold winters’.

What the media is doing is another form of social engineering, and using the weather as propaganda for the ‘climate change narrative’.

I’ve had a thread going on the David Icke Forum for a few years where I have been documenting and highlighting this, if anyone wants to read more.

BREAKING NEWS: UK now “hotter than Australia” – media using weather as propaganda


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