Global cataclysm coming soon?


For some time now, I’ve become fascinated with learning about “what they don’t teach in schools”. I really do believe that a lot of what we are taught as ‘history’ has been twisted and altered, and particularly so many events have been recorded as ‘facts’ despite no practical explanation as to ‘what happened and why’ being offered.

For example, we are told that some thousands of years ago, there was some kind of ‘flood’. And it must have happened because “it’s recorded in the Bible”.

In 1963 an ‘eccentric’ scientist called Chan Thomas wrote a book called “The Adam And Eve Story”. In it, he wrote about how the earth undergoes a ‘pole shift’ every few thousand years which causes an upheaval in the earths crust, and a vast displacement of the waters of the oceans across the planet.

For some unknown reason in 1966, the book was ‘classified’ by the CIA until 2013 when a heavily ‘sanitised’ version was released.

The ‘Bright Insight’ channel on YouTube covered this book in a video released last year:

I came across a more complete PDF version of this book, which I read through today, and it does make extremely fascinating reading.


I won’t go into too much detail about the contents of the book, I’ll let you download and read it for yourselves. But I was particularly interested in the way Thomas ‘retranslated’ parts of the Bible, based on his own understanding of Naga language symbols.

Also particularly chilling was his description of the effect of a weakened Earth magnetic field on peoples and their behaviours.

For further information on global cataclysm and its link to cosmic activity, the ‘Suspicious0bservers’ YouTube channel and website is a great place to get up to speed, their “Cosmic Disaster” movie and playlist is well worth a watch:

This I feel does go some way to explaining these ‘extinction level events’ that geologists and historians believe have happened in the past. There is archaeological evidence of some advanced civilisations, but no real explanation of ‘what happened to them’, they just simply seem to have ‘disappeared’.

So, a ‘pole-shift’ causes the earth to shift, and a global cataclysm wipes out most of the life on the planet, the ultimate ‘great reset’ if you like. Only a handful survive, and have to essentially start from scratch.

Really makes you think, especially with all else that is going on at present…

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