Variants and Vaccines – some questions NOT being asked at press conferences

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So now the latest ‘talk’ is that of these new ‘mutant strains’ or ‘variants’ of this coronavirus / COVID-19 that are doing the rounds.

At the last count, we have the ‘UK variant’, the ‘Brazilian variant’ and the ‘South African variant’, and we are being told that these ‘new strains’ are ‘more contagious’ and spreading ‘more wildly’.

Anyone like myself who’s been following this whole COVID-19 ‘scamdemic’ play out over the last year, will already be aware how the PCR tests currently used to ‘test’ for this virus, can’t actually test for the presence of any specific virus, and it is indeed questionable whether this alleged ‘2019 nCov-SARS2’ virus has ever actually been isolated and purified in a laboratory.

If that is indeed the case, then how on earth has it been determined that there is any ‘new strain’ of it? And why aren’t journalists even questioning this at press conferences and demanding to be shown the ‘scientific evidence’ that such variants even exist?

Well, you can probably answer that question yourself. Any self-respecting investigative reporter would never be allowed access to such press conferences, and even if they were, they’d never be allowed to ask such pertinent questions.

Modern ‘journalists’ are merely ‘parroters of the narrative’, and just repeat what they are told, without question.

As for the vaccines, well this is all getting interesting.

For months, the people have been told that “the vaccine is the answer” and that once a vaccine is readily available and enough people have been vaccinated then we can all ‘return to normal’.

Well, actually, it turns out this ISN’T the case.

If you’ve been vaccinated, then apparently you still need to wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance etc.

Normally, vaccines take something like 10 years to research, develop and test. Yet these COVID-19 vaccines have gone through all this process in less than 12 months.


So really, its no surprise there are still so many ‘unknowns’, because there are no long-term studies to look at. Will it make you sterile or infertile? Unknown. Will it prevent you from catching the virus? Unknown. Can you still ‘spread’ it? Again, unknown.

At this point, I’ll just add a little disclaimer: I’m NOT what might be called an ‘anti-vaxxer’, I’ve had ‘jabs’ when I was a kid for such things as tetanus and tuberculosis, and to the best of my knowledge I’ve never suffered from either of those. I DO however question the efficiacy of many modern vaccines, and I will certainly question the need for a vaccine for COVID-19 that already has a 98% survival rate.

It is quite clear to me that ‘vaccinating everyone’ is not the magic cure it is being portrayed as, and it is also being made quite clear that even if a majority of people are ‘vaccinated’, any current restrictions are never going to be lifted.

So what’s the point then? Will these vaccines even be effective against these ‘new variants’? Is it more the case that people are being guided towards the ‘idea’ of annual vaccinations?

Are the ‘side-effects’ worth the risk?

At the moment, if someone tests ‘positive’ for Covid, and then gets stabbed or run over by a bus, it counts as a ‘Covid death’.

If someone dies after being injected with a ‘Covid vaccine’, its put down as ‘underlying health conditions’.

It just doesn’t add up.

Regardless of whether you have the vaccine or not, your life will NEVER get back to normal, it was never intended to.

More false promises.

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