What’s the problem with ‘Flat Earth’?

The concept of ‘flat earth’ is something I first came across a few years ago now, probably round about the same time when I first started to REALLY question what was going on, that first step down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’.

I must admit, I did find the subject interesting, and I can’t remember exactly where I found myself, but I did see what I was reading quite fascinating. Some quite interesting material did start leading me to question whether any of what I had previously learnt or been taught was actually correct or not.

But at some point, I must have reached a road-block of sorts, as while some explanations did make some sense, it did seem to me that there were still some glaring holes, with questions remaining unanswered, or with completely illogical explanations.

I do have a logcal and scientific curiosity, so in order to ‘accept’ this notion of the earth being a flat plane or disc, as opposed to a spherical ‘ball’ or globe, therefore everything else must have some rational or scientific explanation behind it.

If the sun is not millions of miles away and the centre of our solar system, then what is it? Where is it? Why does it ‘do’ what it does?

The subject of ‘flat earth’ has proven to be a very divisive topic, and one that attracts a fair amount of interest on numerous discussion forums on the internet.

It is claimed that ‘flat earth’ is one of the ‘most censored topics on the internet’. Yet, there are hours of videos up on YouTube, which have never been removed or those channels been ‘shadow-banned’ or deleted.

The question has been asked before, as to whether the whole ‘Flat Earth’ thing is a massive psy-op. I have become inclined to agree, and I think that it has been planted in a way to try and discredit ALL other conspiracy theories.

“You think that Covid is a hoax? I suppose you think the earth is flat too!”

As a moderator at the David Icke Forum, I’ve seen first-hand how such ‘Flat Earth’ discussions pan out. And the thing is, I see the exact same behaviour orchestrated at other forums, where the topic is allowed to be discussed.



The language used by some participants becomes ‘divisive’ and you see ‘agitation’, trying to provoke unsuspecting bystanders into joining a heated discussion which just resorts to insults, baiting and trolling.

You’ll also notice how discussions of ‘Flat Earth’ usually just end up going round in circles, with the same mantras, soundbites and statements repeated over and over again, and any genuine questions asked by newcomers either get ignored or responded to with a link to some 3 hour long presentation on YouTube, or some dismissive and vague “research Flat Earth!” reply.

In my opinion, this is almost ‘cult-like’ behaviour!

And then of course you do have the ‘professional trolls’ who then end up joining the discussion, only to end up completely dismissing the topic at-hand by quoting ‘mainstream sources’.

For the record, when it comes to understanding the ‘nature of reality’, I care not whether this planet we inhabit is a globe or a flat plane. What I experience is what I see with my own eyes, right in front of me.

And it does concern me that with what is going on right before us, with regards to this ‘Covid pandemic’, that some people still feel it is far more important to argue about the shape of our planet.

What I ultimately feel though, is that I think there are a small number of people out there, who do believe that the Earth is flat and not a globe, and that is fine with me, we are all entitled to our own opinions after all. But it is the insinuation that ‘everyone else is wrong and is brainwashed by freemasons’ that I find questionable.

After all, who exactly has been brainwashed?

Question everything, use your own free thought, make up your own mind, at all times!

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4 months ago

I’m inclined to agree.A way to discredit conspiracy “theories” , but what do you think about David Icke’s Lizard people ? Is this not a similar kind of thing ?

4 months ago

Fantastic post and like you I read the thread back on the original DI forum in 2005,I agree with what you say here. I have always though thought that if our earth is flat, they why aren’t there any other flat planets around? Please don’t say that all other planets are flat but they are put up as holograms to appear round. What would be the point of that? It has now became somewhat of a cult, i agree.Also if the earth was flat would someone not have reported this by now? seeing the ocean tip over the edge? Are there any photographs of the edge of it? I would like to see them if there are.Thanks for food for thought this morning 🙂

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