“Freedom Day” is just the first day of the next phase of social engineering

Yay, its “Freedom Day”!

Or is it? Have a look around you, how much has actually changed?

Today (Monday 19th July 2021 at the time I started writing this) is the day when the UK Government relaxed all ‘coronavirus restrictions’ that have been in place for the last 18 months or so.

Or have they?

‘Restrictions’ have simply been replaced with ‘requests’. For example, it is no longer ‘mandatory’ to wear a face covering in public transport, however many transport operators are now ‘expecting’ passengers to continue to do so.

Same goes for supermarkets and other retailers, customers are no longer ‘required’ to wear face masks while shopping, however many retailers have been ‘asking’ customers to continue to do so.

People are still expected to subject themselves to regular Covid ‘tests’. And while you can go on holiday, there are still certain destinations you either cannot travel to, or are required to undergo ‘quarantine’ on arrival back in the UK.

If you get ‘pinged’ by the NHS Test & Trace app, then you should also follow its orders and ‘self-isolate’ for 10 days at home.

So it would seem a great deal hasn’t changed, apart from the fact that there is now an element of ‘choice’.

But at the same time as ‘Freedom Day’ rolls in, the media presents a contrasting narrative, with endless stories about ‘cases rising’, ‘hospitals filling up’, and the usual fearmongering warnings of ‘doom’ from the usual suspects such as Prof Chris Whitty and his fellow SAGE ‘experts’.

As I see things right now, there are three types of people:

  1. people like myself who know all this is a massive hoax, scam, fraud etc, and have just continued the best they can to live their lives as ‘normal’ throughout this pandemic.
  2. people who have gone along with the rules and restrictions put in place, but are starting to get a bit fed up, are probably becoming a bit sceptical, and in all honesty are glad that they no longer have to wear these damn facemasks everywhere they go.
  3. people who have been utterly taken over by the incessant media propaganda and are still fearful of being around other people, and will continue to follow the government diktats just because they believe it will “keep them safe”.

The third group, which I believe is a sizeable minority, is the most dangerous right now. At least, I like to think that they are in a minority, I may be wrong about this, but I have believed for some time now that it is always the ‘noisy minority’ who get far more attention than the ‘silent majority’.

Given a ‘taste of freedom’, this third group, the ‘noisy minority’, are those that will continue to wear face coverings in public places, will continue to ‘keep a safe distance’, and will continue to ‘badger’ other people into conforming, the same way that they do.

They are fuelled by the propaganda they see/read in the news media, as well as the behavioural messaging shared on social media platforms.

I don’t really want to regurgiate much of what I have written previously about this, so here is some further reading:

The fearmongers have already managed to delay ‘Freedom Day’ from its original ‘road-mapped’ date of June 21st 2021.

The next phase of this social engineering project is now underway, and it will see all three types of the people I described earlier all now pitted against each other, but in particular now, groups 2 and 3. (Because most people have already been in opposition to group 1)

While people continue to be tested ‘en-masse’ using a flawed PCR test (and the even less reliable lateral flow test) and recorded as ‘positive’, the ‘case’ numbers will continue to increase, although very few people are actually getting sick – it is after all the height of summer here in the UK now – and as this gets reported without question by a compliant mainstream media, it just fuels the fear and paranoia of those in group 3, and they will start to BLAME group 2, as well as group 1, for this ‘rise in infections’.

Group 1 will continue to do what they have always done. Group 2 will ’embrace’ certain freedoms that have been given back to them, doing things like shopping or traveling on buses without masks, going to the pub, going on holiday, and meeting up with people they haven’t seen in person for over a year now.

Group 3 will continue to wear masks even where they don’t need to, will continue to avoid contact with others (you know the type, the ‘hedge-divers’ when you dare to walk alongside them on the pavement), and will become ever more noisy and boisterous about people “following the rules!”.

The media have already started sending out their ‘mixed messages’ in the news, and we already have these reports about ‘rising cases/infections’ as well as ‘dire warnings’ about hospitals being ‘overwhelmed’, and ever more variants of this phantom menace springing up everywhere. Chief Fearmongerer Chris Whitty has already warned that we all face lockdown again ‘within five weeks’.

It all becomes so mindnumbingly tedious once you gain an understanding of how this all works, and what the ultimate goal is.

On the one hand, people have been given their ‘freedom’ back, yet choose to continue acting like all the lockdown restrictions are still in place. Then on the other, you have these same people trying to impose their own will on others, forcing and pressuring others to ‘comply’.

And when this duplicitous Government turn around and announce a ‘new lockdown’ at the end of August, the ire and anger will be directed at the “bloody idiots who didn’t follow the rules”, as well as those free-thinking individuals who have resisted the propaganda and peer-pressure to ‘get jabbed’.

As I’ve been saying for some time now, this is a massive psychological operation on a grand scale, one which we have never seen before in our lifetimes. It started off as “three weeks to flatten the curve” but as I predicted, the longer this has gone on for, the more people have been psychologically damaged, and I fear the longer this goes on for, the damage for many may be irreversible.

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