Twenty years ago today, on 11th September in 2001, an astonishing event took place which changed the world as we know it.

A group of terrorists, trained by a man living in a cave in Afghanistan, somehow managed to hijack four airline jumbo jets, using nothing more than ‘box cutters’ (what we in the UK would otherwise call ‘Stanley Knives’), without the US Air Traffic Control or NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense) noticing. Despite only receiving limited training using small planes, they managed to skilfully manoeuvre two of the jets into the two main towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York, and a third was flown ‘like a missile’ into the side of the Pentagon building in Washington. A fourth jet crashed near Shanksville, after the hijackers were bravely overpowered by a group of passengers.

The two towers of the WTC, damaged by the plane impacts, subsequently collapsed into a cloud of dust. A third tower – Building 7 – also later caught fire and collapsed, despite not being impacted. Oddly enough, the collapse of Building 7 was reported live by a BBC correspondent, with said Building 7 in the background, fully intact.

Within hours of the attack, a perpetrator had been named, one Osama Bin Laden, a man who coincidentally was previously recruited by and trained by the CIA, when Afghanistan was being occupied by Russian forces, but was now hiding in caves in Afghanistan and running Al Qaeda, a network of terrorists who were hell-bent on bringing ‘jihad’ to the West.

Everyone remembers where they were

The Event had such an impact on our psychological collectiveness, that ‘everyone remembers where they were or what they were doing’ when the events of 9/11 took place.

Even twenty years later, if I think about it, I can still recall what happened that day. I was at work, working in a shop, we were listening to Radio 1 as we did normally, then we had a phonecall from one of the gaffers at another branch, telling us to change over to Radio 4. Before we were able to do that, the programming on Radio 1 had been interrupted for a ‘breaking news flash’. It was really shocking, terrible news to hear.

Because we had no TV at the shop, I didn’t actually see any footage until I finished work and hurried back to my local pub (which was on the way home).

While it was horrifying to watch at the time, now I look back, I start to realise how the playing over and over again of the same footage on the news can have a deep psychological impact on people.

“The Trigger”

The opening section of this article is a mixture of the ‘official narrative’ and my own sarcasm. It reads like the plot of an unaired “The A-Team” episode.

It does have some semblance to the pilot episode of “The Lone Gunmen”, which was a spin-off series from The X-Files:

The Lone Gunmen investigate the suspicious death of Byers’ father, a top tier government agent, and discover a top secret plan for a false flag operation to crash a plane into the World Trade Center.

What did happen is that the world was changed forever. US armed forces would subsequently invade Afghanistan, and then later Iraq, all in the name of a ‘war on terror’. This war has continued, and is still ongoing, with the ‘enemy’ being ‘Islamic extremism’, under its various names, from Al Qaeda to the Taliban, to IS, ISIL, ISIS etc.

David Icke first wrote about the events of 9/11 in his book “Alice In Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster” and then more recently in his book “The Trigger which I must say is excellent reading, in the way he takes apart the ‘official narrative’ and then goes into great detail on why it was done.

How was it done?

This is where I think things become a lot more contentious. While David Icke in his book prefers to just deconstruct the official narrative of “what happened” and look more deeply at ‘why’ it happened and ‘who’ was behind it, there are a lot of ‘conspiracy researchers’ who have devoted enormous amounts of time and effort into trying to work out ‘how’ this happened.

Were there actually planes, or were there no planes and the videos are all ‘faked’?

Were the towers brought down by a ‘controlled demolition’? Was a nuclear bomb used, or such things as thermite?

Were the towers reduced to dust by some form of previously unknown directed energy weapon?

Lots of people put forward compelling research, but with no definitive proof or testimony.

I read a couple of free PDF books by researcher Andrew Johnson a couple of years back. In “9/11: Finding The Truth” and “9/11: Holding The Truth”, he contends that there is a great deal of ‘gatekeeping’ going on, and certain factions of the 9/11 ‘conspiracy movement’ are doing battle with each other, because they have their own ‘narrative’ which they wish to maintain.

This does of course lead nicely into the current Covid Pandemic, because it seems to me we can see the same thing happening again, with people with different ideas and theories being played off against each other, and other people getting sucked into arguments as a result.

History Repeating

So where does this leave us now? It is surely no coincidence that almost twenty years later, we have been reading about how US forces have withdrawn from Afghanistan, which has seen the Taliban swiftly take control of the country, with the resulting influx of ‘Afghan refugees’ into the West.

We’ve had a ‘nice’ few years free of ‘Islamic Extremism’, but it seems that we are being primed for some more now:

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban is likely to have “emboldened” UK terrorists, the director general of MI5 has warned.

Ken McCallum told the BBC that while the terror threat would not change overnight, there could be a “morale boost” for extremists.

The UK has to be “vigilant” for a rise in “inspired terrorism”, he said.

A total of 31 late-stage attack plots have been foiled in the UK in the past four years, said Mr McCallum.

That includes six during the pandemic period alone, he added. While they were largely Islamic extremist plots, there were also a “growing number” of attacks planned by extreme right-wing terrorists.

“The terrorist threat to the UK, I am sorry to say, is a real and enduring thing,” he added.

It’s almost like they’re telling you their plans in advance…

So, we can look forward to a few ‘terror attacks’ in the near future, and then no doubt there will be some claims about the Taliban ‘murdering their own people’, which will end up in military action being taken, just as we saw with Syria.

Just a little bit of history repeating itself, as Shirley Bassey once sang…

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4 months ago

The day that changed our planet for ever, Fear-control. I’ve been watching documentaries since it happened and since Saturday past, the anniversary. Whatever our beliefs are on how it happened and why it doesn’t change the fact that it was the start of the control of us by the elites. I remember the threads on the old forum(I miss it dearly) and the discussions that happened at that time. My daughter was a long haul cabin crew for 5 years but sadly for her it came to an end when the airline she worked for went into liquidation 3 years ago. I am not going to lie every time she was up there, week in week out i was ill with worry. So I am glad she is back on the ground. The security was stepped up a lot but she could not get over that these “terrorists” got on the planes with box cutters, She was only 4 when 9/11 happened. What you mentioned there about the announcement of terrorist attacks is true! I saw some guy on the brainwash box ,was he not the head of terrorist activity? He was saying there will be attacks this year. Now, how come during a two year lock down there were no attacks? I would have thought that would have been a time were people and buildings could have been targeted given that most of the population were indoors. Also, before he made that announcement there was a story about some Head of the Taliban who had been intercepted somewhere down south with his family, it said he had got over here on one of the planes used in the rescue operation.They must think we are buttoned up the back ! I wonder what the next smoke screen will be to protect Andrew and his dirty pals. We have had the Plandemic now the Taliban.Back to 9\11 though,its been proved it was a controlled demolition.(that’s not to say the planes were not real and of course many lives were lost) Then Bin Laden is the fall guy and low and behold he gets assassinated in his home? I could go on….But its nothing we haven’t heard before. What I will say is though there are so many young people who question this now and that’s fantastic. I always tell them to question everything and don’t believe the hype. Look at the news behind the news, Ha! That was an old thread on the old forum as I recall, the News behind the news. Cheers for post and link and adding me on here,peace, A.

4 months ago

Haha! Aye Shirley Bassey! On point!

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