Ramadan 2018: Terror season is upon us?

In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is their ‘holy month’, marked most famously by the fasting, then the feast of Eid that follows.

It also oddly seems to be a period when Islamic terrorism rises to the fore, despite being such a ‘holy’ month where many Muslims become involved with charities, paying their ‘Zakat’, and generally reflecting on how grateful they are to Allah.

This year, as the Islamic calendar follows the cycles of the moon, Ramadan will begin on May 15th 2018.

We’ve already had a ‘teaser trailer’ for things to come, after a knifeman shouting “Allahu Akbar!” killed one person and injured others in Paris yesterday evening (12th May). And unsurprisingly, Islamic State (ISIS, IS, ISIL, Daesh or whatever they’re being called this week) have claimed responsibility.

Sadly, this is all starting to become a bit predictable now:

  • Nutter kills or attempts to kill multiple people, either by shooting, stabbing or blowing them up
  • Nutter apparently screams “Allahu Akbar” (“God is the greatest”)
  • Nutter gets killed by the police
  • ISIS claims responsibility

You’ll also notice that following the above sequence is generally some form of ‘action’ taken by governments, which usually involves curbing freedoms and liberties, and usually in the name of ‘preventing terrorism’.

Trust me, you only have to look at the past to predict the future. I am keeping my diary clear on 22nd/23rd May because I fully expect some serious atrocity to take place, although I haven’t yet worked out what the ulterior motive for our governments is yet, though I’m sure the next few days will unravel something.

Because in all honesty this actually is ‘nothing to do with Islam’ – well perhaps Wahhabist Islam at least. When you realise that ISIS is a creation of the West, you begin to appreciate that it and its ‘terrorism’ is also a tool to drive fear into your own people, which leads them to demand protection from the State, which then gives the State (ie our government) the licence to further erode away our civil liberties and freedoms, in order to protect us from the ‘terrorism’ they created in the first place!

See also: “false flag”.

The cycle continues, as the Powers That Be (the “Establishment Elites”) gleefully rub their hands, while ordinary people become angry with Muslims, thus continuing the ‘divide and conquer’ philosophy. Just for good measure, to even things out you know, perhaps they’ll arrange for some Muslims to be attacked, which they can then blame on ‘far-right extremists’. Ironically, the BBC is already lining up a new Australian drama to further demonise so-called ‘far-right’ groups.

Just remember the following:

Not all Muslims are terrorists.
Not all terrorists are Muslims.

But then likewise:

Not all white people are “far-right extremists”
Not all “far-right extremists” are white.

And also remember the concept of ‘inversion’. This explains why during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, awful atrocities get carried out by Wahhabi extremists (under orders from Western governments), which Islamic State (IS, controlled and created by Western governments) duly take responsibility for.

But do also note how in most situations, these ‘terrorists’ end up being shot dead, or fatally injured, by the police. How convenient, the authorities can then make up anything they like in order to fit with the ‘official narrative’. You’ll also notice how many of these ‘terrorists’ are revealed to have been on some kind of a ‘watch-list’. Not watched closely enough then.

Just watch, the next few weeks will be interesting to see pan out.

It is also interesting to note that Ramadan 2018 will end on Thursday 14th June, which ironically is the date of the opening of the FIFA World Cup in Russia, which has the hosts Russia (“enemy” of the West) facing off against Saudi Arabia (“ally” of the West).



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