Media silenced as Tommy Robinson jailed

It’s been a crazy 24 hours. Yesterday, former EDL leader turned citizen journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested outside Leeds Crown Court while livestreaming, initially charged with a “breach of the peace”.

Just a few hours later, it transpired that he had been found guilty and sentenced to 13 months in prison.

In my opinion, this is an absolute travesty of justice. Why was he at the court? He was reporting on the trial of a Pakistani Muslim grooming gang, and the one thing that was notable was the lack of any other journalists outside the court doing the same.

This all smacks of an Establishment set up, designed to trigger the suspended sentence he received last year. As anyone who has read his excellent auto-biography “Enemy Of The State” will know, this ‘trick’ is not new.

The Establishment know he is a threat, so they want him silenced. But too many suspicions would be aroused if they ‘arranged’ to have this done themselves. So their idea is to get him thrown into prison, and hope that the Muslim inmates, who would no doubt take great pride and pleasure, and see it as a ‘badge of honour’, will ‘deal with their problem’, so to speak, by ensuring that he doesn’t get out of prison alive.

So why the reporting restrictions? It turns out that rather than being charged with a “breach of the peace”, he was actually charged with “contempt of court”. But either way, by the time the UK media got round to pulling down their articles, everybody knew what had happened anyway. It was all over social media, and even when Breitbart London put up a ‘heavily-edited’ version of the story today…

…everyone commenting on the article knew exactly who [redacted] was anyway! Because the Reporting Restriction could only be applied to media outlets in the UK, it didn’t stop word spreading around social media, and many international news sites and blogs carried the story regardless.

So if the judge involved was hoping he could keep this story under wraps and get Tommy off to prison without anyone noticing, it just shows how completely out of touch our judges (themselves part of the Establishment) are when it comes to understanding how people access news these days.

We don’t all just slavishly watch the BBC News any more!

Regardless of whether you agree with Tommy Robinson’s views or not, there is a dangerous precedent being set here now, that we should all be mindful of. Those who have mocked Tommy would do well to consider how long it will be before they say or do something considered ‘inappropriate’ and find themselves thrown in prison.

This is an example being set to show what happens to people who go against the Establishment, who dare to stand up and make their voice heard, and to take action when injustices are taking place.

“They” want you all to be good little obedient sheep, doing as you’re told, believing everything you hear, and never questioning anything. “Look away, nothing to see here.”

If you can’t get to be a shepherd instead, at least try and be the black sheep, but don’t fear being different.


Oh and by the way, it still infuriates me that those articles from the UK media that remain online continue to refer to Tommy Robinson as being ‘far-right’. But that will be the subject of a future article here…

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