Some people don’t want the lockdown to end

This really was a giant ‘social-engineering’ experiment after all!

Due to the ‘Covid-19’ coronavirus ‘pandemic’ the UK went into lockdown on Monday 23rd March, and since then it appears to me that thanks to a constant stream of negative propaganda spewed out across the mainstream media (MSM) and social media networks, people have been successfully ‘conditioned’ into believing that they need to be ‘protected’ from an invisible enemy known as ‘the coronavirus’ (which one?).

People have become afraid. People are literally ‘living in fear’. Literally locking themselves in their homes for the last six weeks or so.

“Tut-tut”ing at people they see outside on the street, “flagrantly breaking the law” and all that.

While at the same time, dutifully standing on their doorsteps every Thursday at 8pm and ‘clapping for the NHS’, those ‘stunning and brave’ NHS ‘heroes’, who are simply doing their jobs, and being paid to do so.

It’s funny how just last year, in 2019, a majority of people didn’t take a blind bit of notice of what the Government said, and in fact most people had a deep mistrust of and loathing for our Government.

Oddly come 2020 and since the ‘pandemic’ exploded onto the scene, most of these people now seem to trust the Government implicitly, and are obeying every instruction given to them.

What a remarkable turnaround!

So we are reaching a point now, where we’ve reached ‘peak Coronavirus’, and the Government is turning its attention to beginning to relax some of the lockdown restrictions put in place, in order to get people back to work, and return to some kind of normality.

Well of course, there is also talk of a “new normal” which is disturbing in itself, and will become the topic of a future article no doubt.

But it is disconcerting to see comments and posts from people on social media, who are apparently ‘afraid’ that this lockdown ‘easing’ will result in ‘more deaths’.

So essentially we have a number of people basically either advocating for the lockdown to continue ‘indefinitely’, or projecting into existence the notion that the lifting of lockdown restrictions are ‘doomed to failure’.

I suppose lucky for me that throughout this ‘pandemic’ and ‘lockdown’, I’ve had the ‘luxury’ of having to continue to work, and besides some minor inconveniences, have pretty much continued to live my own life as ‘normal’.

I don’t watch TV any more, and only really glance at major news outlets just to get a feel for what’s going on.

So I guess as a result I am immune to this ‘fear-porn’ that others have been subjected to on a daily basis, and this is where I come to the ‘social-engineering’ aspect of this.

The ‘new normal’ is the objective of the New World Order. Society has to be changed wholesale, and this ‘pandemic’ has been the perfect foil to do so.

Over the last six weeks, people have become accustomed to this ‘new normal’, by way of obediently following what the Government has instructed in order to ‘protect’ its people and keep them ‘safe’.

Substitute the word ‘protect’ with ‘control’ and all becomes clear, and makes much more sense.

For the uninitiated, this is George Orwell’s “newspeak” and “doublespeak” in action perfectly, as demonstrated in his eerily prophetic novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” published in 1948.

“Is it safe to go out?”

Of course it is! But so many people have been conditioned into believing this is not the case that it is going to be hard for them to adjust back into their old ways of going about things.

And I believe this was the intention all along. Cowering in their homes and ‘self-isolating’ in fear of catching this ‘deadly virus’ which lets face it, while some people have died – which is not nice admittedly – when you look at the proportion of people who have NOT died, as well as the population as a whole who have NOT caught it, it kind of makes a mockery of the ‘deadly’ claim.

But once again, I guess we’re all having to pander to a very tiny minority of the population.

“Act like you’ve got it” was one message being sent out through Government propaganda. Well, what about the vast majority of the population who DIDN’T have it? Why have they had to suffer?

This will go one of two ways, either things will gradually return back to normal, and people will slowly realise that maybe they have been duped, or the ‘death rate’ will start to increase again, and then this army of socially-engineered bots will ‘demand’ that the lockdown restrictions be put back in place, only far more harshly this time.

After all, they only want to be ‘protected’ don’t they?

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