What’s Farage up to now?

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With Brexit now seemingly ‘done’, Nigel Farage starts to show his true colours again by revealing his next ‘big battle to fight’.

I know that China are no paragons of virtue, but this ‘anti-China narrative’ has been simmering ever since the pandemic first broke last year, and it looks like certain ‘agitators’ are going to start pushing this again.

While China may present a problem, it is not THE problem, and neither do I believe it is Russia.

Perhaps we in the ‘West’ should start taking a look in the mirror, and take a closer look at our own leaders, organisations and institutions.

Like the United Nations, World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum, World Bank, Common Purpose, Open Society Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and any other ‘charitable foundation’ that funds activism that undermines our culture and society.

And yes, if we must pick a fight against some country, why not Israel? I’d say they were more of a problem for democracy in the UK and USA than China or Russia.

I warned about this some time back, about Nigel Farage being a ‘pied piper’ figure leading people on a merry dance. But always skirting around the real ‘big issues’ at hand.

And now here we go again, just like after the 2016 referendum result, when he declared “job done” and turned his back on UKIP to focus on supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

If he was a genuine person who truly believed what he was so passionate about, he would have stayed with UKIP and built on their relatively successful 2015 GE campaign, and could have really ‘stuck it to the Establishment’ by winning seats at future GEs and got UKIP MPs into Parliament.

Nope, Mr Farage is nothing more than an Establishment ‘plant’, a diversionary distraction.

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