“A new mutant strain” – pull the other one!

Coronavirus Observations

So apparently now, this ‘coronavirus’ has now mutated, and a ‘new strain’ is doing the rounds in London and the South-East of England.

Although it is not ‘more deadly’, it is apparently ‘more contagious’ and is now ‘spreading fast’.

Oh come on, pull the other one!

It is still under question as to whether the current SARS-nCov2 virus has ever actually been isolated and purified in a lab, and if so if the virus cannot be proven to actually exist, it begs the further questions of what the current testing procedures are testing for, and how on earth can any effective vaccine be developed.

Yet, now we have people like Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson telling us now that a ‘new strain’ of this virus is now spreading through London and the South-East, so a new ‘Tier 4’ level restriction is being placed on those areas, right before Christmas.

So my question is, where is this ‘evidence’ and why not present it?

Of course, don’t expect any of the compromised media in attendance at these press conferences to dare ask such questions.

The government and the media simply tell us that the ‘coronavirus has mutated’. Its always been about the ‘coronavirus’ and/or ‘COVID-19’.

There isn’t ‘a coronavirus’, there are hundreds of them, most of which cause cold and flu symptoms. And yes, they do mutate and change, which is why we’ve never been able to ‘cure the common cold’, and why flu vaccines are so ineffective, hence why vaccinated people continue to catch and die from the flu.

This is just more bullshit, designed to put more fear into the population.

It is also convenient that this new strain of ‘the coronavirus’ has ’emerged’ in the UK, less than two weeks before the UK formally ‘leaves the EU’ with seemingly no ‘free-trade deal’ in place.

More chaos and confusion in store then, and no doubt further lockdown restrictions to come into play very early next year.

Bollocks to Boris, enjoy and make the most of your Christmas together with your family, because things are only going to get worse next year, unless people finally work out that something is terribly wrong.

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Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
4 months ago

Completely agree . A substantial number of people now realise what a scam this is , I think , but sadly the majority still seem to be swallowing the lies , or at least acquiescing. Lots of people like yourself who see through it but you / we are not getting through to the masses.Needs a big , bold , charismatic leader to spearhead a campaign against the government in my opinion.

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