An evening with David Icke

On Sunday evening (22nd April 2018), I had the pleasure of seeing David Icke speaking at an event in Birmingham as part of his “Everything You Need To Know” tour.

Rather than go into too much detail about what he spoke on, I’d like to start off with the extraordinary circumstances that led me there.

Last year, I watched some of his previous videos on Youtube, and ended up purchasing and reading a couple of books, as I was so intrigued by what he was saying. I was also following his page on Facebook.

Out of the blue a few weeks ago, I was informed by one of my colleagues at work that he’d seen that David Icke had added a date to his UK tour and would be appearing in Birmingham. This came as some surprise to me, as despite ‘liking’ and ‘following’ David’s Facebook page, I hadn’t actually seen this appear in my own newsfeed on Facebook! Yet my colleague had seen this, because one of his Facebook friends had commented on a post from David Icke.

The other remarkable thing is that despite the event being billed for a Sunday evening, I went ahead and booked myself a ticket despite knowing nothing about where the event would be held; the location would only be revealed on the Saturday evening, due to attempts by certain ‘anti-hate’ groups to bully venues into cancelling on previous occasions.

As it turned out, the event was held at Birmingham City football club in Small Heath, which was as luck has it, a short bus ride from my home.

This was my first time at such an event, so I pretty much kept myself to myself. However as I sat in the audience waiting for the event to begin, I couldn’t help but notice the ‘diversity’ of the audience; old, young, black, white etc etc. Hardly a fervent ‘bunch of racists’ as some sections would have you believe.

David began his presentation on the topic of ‘offence’ and free speech, which is obviously a hot topic at present. The key quote he presented, after summarising how he got to where he is today was:

You’re never truly free until you no longer give a shit about what other people think about you.

On identity, he noted that ‘the powers that be’ love and encourage all this identity stuff, because people are pigeon-holing themselves into specific identities, “I am black”, “I am female”, “I am Muslim”. These identities force people into viewing the world through a very narrow perspective, and thus make them easier to be ‘divided and ruled’.

Obviously, having read a couple of his excellent books already, I found much of what he was articulating much easier to comprehend. To the uninitiated, a lot of what he says and shares, from the years of research that he has been doing, might seem unfathomable. But if anything, he encourages you to stop and think, and when you can alter your perception of the world around you beyond what you’ve been ‘programmed’ from birth to perceive, you suddenly see the world in a different perspective.

Random events are no longer just random events. Start to ‘join the dots’ and things start to become a little clearer. The ‘hidden agenda’ becomes a little more transparent.

We are all being manipulated from the shadows. We can either accept what we are told daily, or we can ‘question everything’.

Our world, our ‘reality’, is an inversion of what it should be. We are presented with horrible dystopian visions of the future in novels and motion pictures as ‘science-fiction’ and entertainment, which are fast becoming our actual reality right under our noses.

You are not who you think you are. We are all being deceived, and we’re allowing this to happen. The human race must get up off its knees, and wake up as a collective whole and say NO.

David Icke was ridiculed for years as being a ‘madman’. He might actually be right after all, and he might be the sane one, while we are all mad for accepting what has been happening to us without question.



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