What has happened to everybody?

This whole Coronavirus / Covid-19 thing is a massive psy-op, and it seems to have worked on a great deal of people.

I’ve warned people about this before, and now I’ve come to the conclusion that I was right – people have been psychologically ‘damaged’ by this whole situation, more so those who live their lives through social media, or those who’ve been obligated to ‘stay home’ and have had nothing better to do than sit and watch mainstream news and TV all day.

It’s brain-washing, pure and simple.

On the one hand you have the UK Government, relaxing ‘lockdown restrictions’ and now urging people to go back to work, travel on public transport and go shopping. (Albeit with some caveats, like having to wear face coverings on public transport and from Friday 24th July in shops and other enclosed public spaces)

But then on the other hand, you still have people cowering in fear within their homes, afraid of coming out and interacting with other people because “it’s not safe!” or because they’re being told “the virus hasn’t gone away”.

We recently had the situation where the whole of Leicester was put under ‘lockdown’ again, due to a ‘surge’ in coronavirus cases being recorded.

I live in Birmingham, so obviously I still have a few friends who live over in neighbouring Sandwell, and over the last couple of days I’ve seen people sharing stuff similar to this:


It’s other people’s reactions that frighten me the most, with typical comments like “stupid idiots thinking everything is back to normal putting everyone’s lives at risk!” and the classic “why won’t people just do as they’re told and obey the rules?”


It’s now reached the point where a simple text message sent from a health centre to its patients on record, is triggering a massive ‘fear response’ which is then being perpetuated to others via social media.

And then you have local news media rags like the Birmingham Mail making this their top story:

Top 10 coronavirus hotspots in England revealed- including West Midlands town as Leicester overtaken

Last Friday Friday, Clive Wright, the Covid-19 regional convenor for the West Midlands, said an outbreak in Smethwick had been “contained”


It just makes me shake my head in disbelief, because if I try to reason with anyone about this, then I’m “the crazy one”.

And this all fits in nicely with an article I came across the other day from the UK Column:

“Social disapproval from one’s community,” they write, “can play an important role in preventing anti-social behaviour or discouraging failure to enact pro-social behaviour. However, this needs to be carefully managed to avoid victimisation, scapegoating and misdirected criticism. It needs to be accompanied by clear messaging and promotion of strong collective identity. Consideration should be given to use of social disapproval but with a strong caveat around unwanted negative consequences.”

There is a recognition here that following this approach could result in physical harm to individuals in a community who aren’t following the same behaviours as the community as a whole.

But it should be recognised that in order to make use of disapproval, government has to get into the community in question to stir up that disapproval.

This type of cynical breaking-up of communities is not a new technique to the UK government.


The mainstream media (MSM) as well as ‘social media’ is effectively being used to ‘brainwash’ the masses, and psychologically alter behavioural patterns, in order to get the ‘sheep to shepherd themselves’.

I myself sit nicely outside of this. I cancelled my TV licence months ago, as I don’t watch TV any more, so I am not brutally exposed to this ‘propaganda’ on a regular basis. I do however on occasion look at news websites like the BBC, as well as my local news sites, and I do see what other people in my circle of ‘friends’ are sharing and commenting upon.

I have ‘those glasses’. I wish I could just get other people to try them on…

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