Neil Ferguson is back, but can we still take him seriously?

Professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College has recently returned to the media after a long absence. This is of course the man whose ‘data modelling’ computer program was used by the UK Government to justify the introduction of “three weeks to flatten the curve” lockdown in March 2020, on the basis that ‘hundreds of thousands’ of people would die because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the NHS would be ‘overwhelmed’ by numbers of patients being admitted to hospital.

I wonder if his ‘data modelling program’ is actually the computer game “Theme Hospital”?

Lets not forget also that this ‘dodgy computer modeller’:

  • broke the lockdown ‘rules’ he helped to engineer by visiting his ‘lover’ for ‘secret trysts’
  • warned that thousands of people would die during the ‘Swine Flu’ pandemic in 2009
  • caused the needless slaughter of thousands of cattle during the ‘mad cow disease’ outbreak

The man should be utterly discredited by now, along with his failed computer modelling program. Yet now, he pops up again on Friday with more of his fearmongering.

Prof Neil Ferguson, Imperial College London

Indian variant could be ‘100 per cent more infectious’ says Professor Neil Ferguson

The Indian Covid variant could be ‘100% more infectious than Kent strain’.

That is according to lockdown architect Professor Neil Ferguson.

Professor Neil Ferguson, from Imperial College London, issued the stark warning on BBC radio on Friday.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: “We’re certainly getting more data. Unfortunately, I mean, the news is not as positive as I would like on any respect about the Delta variant.

“The best estimate at the moment is this variant may be 60% more transmissible than the Alpha variant.

“There’s some uncertainty around that depending on assumption and how you analyse the data, between about 30% and maybe even up to 100% more transmissible.”

Prof Ferguson said 60% is “a good central estimate” at the moment.

I emphasis the use of the word “could” here.

As I commented on that Birmingham Mail article (in case that comment gets ‘deactivated’), “Could” is not the same as “will”.

Its also interesting how this data never gets shared with the media, nor do the media ever question the actual data itself.

Type of people being hospitalised with Indian variant revealed by Professor Neil Ferguson

Professor Neil Ferguson said most people in hospital with the virus have not had a vaccine.

He told the Today Programme: “It’s important to say that most people being hospitalised at the moment with this variant, and with any Covid variant, are unvaccinated.

“So, it’s clear that the vaccines are still having a substantial effect, though it may be slightly compromised.”

He said they are still waiting for data on how much the Delta variant can evade the immunity which protects people against being admitted to hospital.

“The data being reported relates to unvaccinated people, so if you haven’t been vaccinated there appears to be, both from Public Health England data and from Public Health Scotland data independently, about a two-fold increased risk of hospitalisation,” he said.

I wonder how many people are being hospitalised as a result of taking these vaccines, rather than from any mutant strains of Covid-19?

But anyway, this is what this was all leading towards:

June 21 lockdown lift becoming increasingly unlikely, Professor Neil Ferguson warns

Professor Neil Ferguson said he thinks the data is “pointing this week in a more negative direction than it was last week” when asked about whether the June 21 lifting of restrictions needs to be delayed.

He told the Today Programme: “First of all, it’s not my job to make that decision, thankfully.

“I think the data is pointing this week in a more negative direction than it was last week, so it points towards the direction of being cautious.

“I think balancing, clearly, people’s desire – and there clearly is a built-up desire to get back to normal – against the potential risk is a very difficult judgment call.”

Asked what difference delaying the June 21 lifting of restrictions would make in terms of the scientific evidence, Prof Ferguson told the Today Programme: “We know at the moment that the Delta variant, the Indian variant, is doubling across the country about every nine days with some variability place to place.

“But we haven’t fully seen the effect of what happened May 17 step three, the relaxation of restrictions, come through into that data, so we expect that to accelerate even more.”

He said it is still unclear how increased numbers of cases will translate into hospital admissions.

“We’re seeing an uptick in hospitalisations in the North West, in a couple of other areas, but it’s just too early to say, and that’s critical because we do expect vaccines to give a high level of protection still, but exactly how high it’s critical to what size third wave we might see,” he said.

I’m really glad that its “not his job to make that decision”.

This is what it is all leading towards though. Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised months ago, at the start of his ‘roadmap’ that June 21st would be the ‘promised land’, the date when all lockdown restrictions would be lifted. We’ve had some ‘teases’ so far along the ‘timeline’, what with shops and pubs being able to open, and wow you can now actually sit inside a pub or restaurant.

Peoples’ hopes were actually rising, people have been looking forward to this, and being able to actually go on holiday. Businesses have also been planning and making preparations, and investing money to make sure they are equipped and ready for when things supposedly ‘get back to normal’ on June 21st.

It started end of March 2020, with “three weeks to flatten the curve” as well as “protect the NHS”, and truth is that lockdown and its restrictions never ended, just got reworded and remoulded, what with the ridiculous ‘three tier’ system, that got extended to four, then the ‘six-week lockdown’ which started early January 2021 and continued into April.

These fuckers just like to keep stringing people along, dangling their carrot in front of you, and the closer you get to that carrot, the further they move it away.

Of course the reason being spun now is that the end of lockdown ‘may’ have to be delayed, because of all the people who haven’t been vaccinated yet, and because of these new ‘variants’ that are being magically detected, and are now ‘spreading dangerously’. And the way that Prof Ferguson has worded it above, these ‘variants’ are spreading because of the relaxtion of rules from May 17th this year.

Oh what a surprise.

The ‘variants’ are bullshit; apart from them all being named in the media, the media has never presented any evidence that they actually exist, apart from so-called ‘experts’ telling us they do.

Well, if the variants are being identified through ‘PCR tests’, then I’ve got news for you:

If the PCR tests are unable to determine the prescence of any specific ‘virus’, then surely it is impossible to use these tests to identify any specific ‘variant’ of that virus?

They can give them all the fancy names they want, and it is funny that they have now dropped referring to them by ‘country’, but by some new Greek alphabet naming system.

The whole thing is a massive fraud, and unless people can start snapping out of their media hypnosis in great numbers, and regain the ability to think critically and logically, this fraud will continue, as long as people keep subjecting themselves to these ‘tests’ and believing these scary mutant variant strains of this virus exist.

And Prof Neil Ferguson needs to be laughed off the face of this planet, rather than be taken seriously.

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