Manchester: The Night Of The Bang

Manchester: The Night Of The Bang

An independent forensic investigation of the 2017 Manchester Arena “bombing” incident. 14,000 Ariana Grande fans had just finished watching a concert, when a loud bang was heard coming from the arena foyer. The vast majority of people did not witness an explosion because the foyer is a separate enclosure unsighted from the main arena. Immediately after the bang, crowds flooded out of the arena, some of them in panic. The mainstream media quickly reported that a suicide bomber had detonated a “nuts and bolts” bomb in the centre of the foyer, which they quickly claimed killed 22 people and injured dozens more. Despite the foyer being comprehensively covered by CCTV cameras, to date, no CCTV footage of the foyer area has been released for public scrutiny. Only 2 short pieces of video footage and one still photograph have surfaced showing the alleged aftermath within the foyer. Astonishingly, forensic examination of these videos and still image shows they were produced 15 hours before the time of the alleged explosion! Close scrutiny of first hand eye witness testimony and other evidence casts doubt on the official narrative and leads to the possibility that the event was a carefully stage managed exercise involving scores of enlisted participants. Richard D. Hall with help from two trusted researchers examines the evidence and builds a picture of what most likely occurred.


There is more information regarding Richard Hall’s research into this investigation at the RichPlanet TV website:

In light of recent media coverage concerning Richard D Hall, it is my belief that people should watch this film and then make their minds up for themselves. You can either agree with what Richard presents from his analysis and research, or you can disagree with him, that is fine.

He may be right about this, or completely wrong, but in my opinion he has done a much better job of analysing and scrutinising this than much of the mainstream media have done.