Divide And Conquer: The Truth About Brexit

In 2016, the people of the UK were asked to cast a vote on Britain’s membership of the EU.

The overall results were as follows:
Leave: 17,410,742 (51.9%)
Remain: 16,141,241 (48.1%)
Total electorate: 46,501,241
Turnout: 72.2%

A simple binary choice was given to the British people, should we stay or should we go? (to quote The Clash!)

Admittedly it wasn’t a huge majority, and I now believe that this was always going to be the case.

But regardless, a question was asked and a majority was reached. Fast forward to 2019, and it is looking increasingly likely that Brexit isn’t going to happen at all.

And it is important to realise that this is all DELIBERATE. This has all been engineered to deliberately drive a wedge between the British people, and to divide communities and even families as a result.

From the moment that the result was announced, we started hearing things like “Scotland voted to remain, we won’t be dragged out against our will”. And even down to more local levels, for example my home city of Birmingham narrowly voted in favour of Leave, but there were so many differences, down to constituency and even ward level.

“Birmingham voted to leave”
But the Selly Oak constituency voted overall to Remain.
Two of the wards that make up the Selly Oak constituency voted to Remain (Selly Oak and Bournville). One ward voted narrowly to Leave (Brandwood), one voted heavily to Leave (Billesley).

This is just one example of how divisive this issue has been. Even in just one area of Birmingham, people have turned against each other.

I will stress again though, this has all been DELIBERATE.

The simple truth is that our Government had absolutely no intention of actually ‘honouring the referendum result’ – no matter how much they may say otherwise. The plan has always been all along to integrate the UK even further into the EU and even to break it up into ‘regions’ all as part of a grand federalistic EU ‘super-state’.

In 2015, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) were proving a thorn in the side of the Conservative party (Establishment) and gaining popularity. The then Prime Minister David Cameron promised to hold a referendum on the UK’s European Union membership to try and counter this ‘threat’. The expectation was that the British people would somehow reject leaving the ‘wonderful’ EU, and then the UKIP ‘threat’ would simply be wiped out, and the question to never be asked again.

David Cameron took a massive gamble, which backfired spectacularly, as the above results showed. Instead of going ahead and “implementing your decision” (as he promised in the Government’s propaganda leaflet that was sent to every household at a cost of £9m) he chose to resign as Prime Minister.

But what then of the “arch-enemy” Nigel Farage of UKIP? Mr Farage then stepped down as UKIP leader, declared “job done”, and like others who campaigned in favour of ‘Leave’, like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, left others to ‘pick up the pieces’.

Did the ‘Leavers’ not expect to win? Is that why nobody had any kind of plan in place?

So it was left to Theresa May, who backed Remain and was anointed as Tory party leader – and thus Prime Minister – by ‘default’, after all the other candidates dropped out. (Note that even Tory party members did not choose her as their leader!)

Is it really any surprise that we are in the position that we are in?

Ironically, we keep being told that ‘Leave’ did not have “any plan”, which may be the case for Farage, Johnson Gove et al, but one man, Mr Gerard Batten of UKIP, did, and you can read it all here.

There was never any intention by our ruling Establishment Elites to even consider actually leaving the European Union.

It might even have been the case that the ‘Leave’ campaign was actually allowed to ‘win’, to thus throw us into the chaos and turmoil that we have encountered for the last near three years now.

All that we have seen is bitter divisions erupting, and the ordinary people fight and argue amongst themselves. On one side, you have Owen Jones etc and the Labour Party. On the other you have Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, UKIP etc.

The funny thing then is that on either side of the debate, you then have factions going against each other.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! You are all being played off against each other!

Regardless of whether you voted to ‘Leave’ or to ‘Remain’, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We are all being manipulated and lied to, we are arguing, squabbling and fighting amongst ourselves, while we fail to see the ‘common enemy’ that we have.

Our Establishment.

We have a Government that does not have the best interests of its people at heart. We have MPs in the House Of Commons that do not represent their constituents. We have a referendum result that is not being implemented.

To those that voted ‘Remain’ in 2016, and are gloating at the prospect of the result being overturned, let me put you in this scenario:

Imagine a situation where MPs are being asked to vote in the Commons on new legislation to reduce the age of sexual consent to 11. There is huge uproar, there are petitions abound, and you urge your MP to vote against this. There is public consensus, and a majority of people are demanding that this is voted against.

So lets say that ‘you win’, and the majority is against lowering the age of sexual consent. How would you then feel if the government just went ahead and did it anyway? How would you feel if your MP was ‘bullied’ into voting in favour of this, just because their party whips had ‘told them how to vote’?

Bet you wouldn’t be half as smug as you may be now.

Our Establishment Elites are merely playing games with peoples’ lives here. Us ‘ordinary’ people are just playthings, that they will do with us as they please.

We have been tricked by them into turning on each other, arguing, squabbling and fighting, while they sit back, laugh at us, and go ahead with whatever the hell they feel like doing.

Oh, but that facade of ‘democracy’ is crumbling away though. We are led to believe we live in a ‘democratic country’, because every few years or so we are ‘permitted’ to trot down to a polling station and mark a ‘X’ on a piece of paper. Voter turnouts have been historically dropping, and in many cases it is merely a small number of ‘die-hard’ hardcore voters that have been keeping the traditional Establishment parties in power.

The 2016 EU referendum threw a huge monster of a spanner in the works, with one of the highest turnouts ever recorded.

As much as the Establishment would just love to ignore the result of that referendum, they simply can’t, because then the true nature of the Establishment would be revealed, namely that it is not a “representative democracy”, but an “elective dictatorship”.

That is why I believe we are heading towards an inevitable ‘second referendum’ (or “Peoples Vote”, “Final Say”, “Confirmatory Vote” or whatever they want to market it as this week).

The decision to ‘Remain’ in the EU (which is the ultimate end-game) must be seen somehow to be the “will of the people” (to coin a phrase). If there is going to be any ‘second referendum’ you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be rigged somehow so that ‘Remain’ is the outcome. (That is of course how ‘democracy’ works in the EU, just keep getting the people to vote until they give you the desired outcome, just ask the Irish or the Dutch!) And the ‘fear factor’ of the propaganda will be raised to levels never seen so far.

But under no circumstances must Theresa May’s “Withdrawal Agreement” get passed through Parliament, because that will be the end. The end of democracy in the UK, as well as the end of any chance the UK might have had of actually leaving the EU. Because it is not in any way a ‘withdrawal agreement’ but a new ‘treaty’ on the terms of the UK’s membership of the European Union.

Either way, Brexit is going to be betrayed, but this has all been planned from the start. It is time that we all put aside our differences and look the challenge of our enemies square in the face.

It’s “us versus them”, the People versus the Establishment.

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