Covid-19 infections “10m worldwide” – but where’s the ‘context’?

Coronavirus Observations

Has anyone else noticed that the BBC has become yet another lazy ‘click-bait’ news website?

Coronavirus: Number of Covid-19 infections tops 10m worldwide

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world has passed the milestone of 10 million, according to Johns Hopkins University in the US.

The virus emerged in China late last year and spread across the globe. It has led to almost 500,000 deaths.

Half the world’s cases have been in the US and Europe, but Covid-19 is now rapidly growing in the Americas.

The virus is also affecting South Asia and Africa, where it is not expected to peak until the end of July.

Outbreaks are still spreading in many parts of the world, with one million new cases recorded in the last six days.

What the BBC fail to mention is that the number of people who have ‘recovered’ from this ‘virus’ is over 5.5 million

Half a million deaths, out of 10 million ‘cases’ works out to 5%. So 5% of people who ‘catch coronavirus’ have died. Thus 95% of people who catch this virus “don’t die”, and over 50% have already ‘recovered’.

The current global population is 7.79 BILLION people

So my rudimentary calculations show that of the total world population, 0.12% have caught ‘coronavirus’. And 0.006% of the total population have ‘died’ from it.

Context is important, these so-called journalists like to try and frighten us with these incredibly large numbers, but when you put them into a total global context, they’re almost insignificant.

Is this really a pandemic? Is this really such a ‘lethal’ or ‘deadly’ virus?

Of course not!

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10 months ago

exactly, The MSM is just the public relation of the NWO

10 months ago

can i repost this on FB?

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