Tony Blair is a hypocrite

I have never been a fan of Tony Blair. Even when he swept into power in 1997 as Prime Minister, I sensed that there was something slimey about him.

This was a man who won three General Elections, each time promising the British people he would hold a referendum on the UK’s acceptance of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty.

And he never did. After he stepped down as Prime Minister, and Labour leader, in 2007, his successor Gordon Brown went ahead and signed us up, with no referendum, in 2008.

So it is almost galling that ‘Teflon Tony’ keeps popping up over the parapets to lecture us all about why we need a second referendum on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, “so we can change our minds”.

As well as lying to the electorate about giving them a referendum on the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, the man also lied to the electorate in order to get public approval for his ill-fated military intervention in Iraq.

Maybe he didn’t bother actually granting a referendum, because he knew he wouldn’t get the result he wanted. It’s much easier to ignore the result if you never hold it in the first place.

So now, like the turd in the toilet that won’t flush away, just because the EU membership referendum didn’t go the way he wanted, he continues to lecture and belittle everyone who voted to ‘Leave’, by insisting that there should be another referendum, just so he can get the result he so dearly wants.

And what if the result of the second referendum doesn’t go his way? Well, he needn’t worry, because our Conservative government is doing a damn fine job of delivering a Brexit-in-name-only anyway.

Tony Blair needs to be reminded that the Government serves the people, not the other way around.

“Oh you silly people, we know what’s best for you, clearly you made a mistake because you don’t know what you’re doing! Don’t worry, we’ll just go ahead and do what we think is best for you, regardless of what you think. This is all in our own best interests, not your own!”


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