What’s Going On?


My website might be new, but there has been a lot going on for the past few years that has been bothering me.

The hot topic on everybody’s lips at the moment is the apparent death of free speech that is slowly taking place at present.

Is this really the year 2018, or is this George Orwell’s 1984?

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Yes, this is really 2018, a year which has so far seen an Austrian citizen (Martin Sellner), a US citizen (Brittany Pettibone), a Canadian citizen (Lauren Southern), a German citizen (Lutz Bachmann) and a Polish citizen (sorry! I forget his name right now!) have all been DENIED entry to the United Kingdom, on some grounds that their presence in this once great country will somehow cause great divisions and divides, and damage ‘community cohesion’ in our otherwise wonderful multi-cultural society.

On the other hand, it seems that returning Jihadi fighters that went to Syria to join ISIS (or whatever they’re called lately) are being welcomed back into Britain with an offer of free council housing.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Anyone who even remotely DARES to question the ‘narrative’ is being branded as a ‘fascist’, a ‘Nazi’, a ‘racist’ etc etc.

A couple of weeks ago, I felt ashamed to be British, following the detention and deportation of Sellner, Pettibone and Southern. A little bit of pride and hope was restored the following week, when Tommy Robinson delivered Sellner’s speech at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London. And then again a week later, when I attended the Football Lads Alliance protest in my hometown of Birmingham.

I started to feel that the tide was turning; that there were a great number of what I call the ‘silent majority’, ready to rise up and start fighting back peacefully against the noise of the minority.

Then I read today that Tommy Robinson has now been permanently banned from Twitter, because some people found it offensive that he was stating some facts about Islam.

I’ll write more about my feelings on ‘freedom of speech’ in future hoots, however I’ve never had much time for Twitter in the past, so have never really got involved much. I guess you don’t miss out on what you’ve never got to grips with. Like an addiction, I suppose.

So, play Twitter at their own game. Actually, give them what they want, an echo chamber of politically-correct views that everyone agrees with: delete your Twitter account. Twitter, like Facebook, and all the other social-media and tech giants, makes its money from advertising revenue. As the number of active users plummets, so will their advertising revenue. At some point, the shareholders will start to question why the money income is drying up. Maybe at that point, they may rethink their strategy. Maybe at that point it will be too late.


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