Is Facebook becoming “The Sims”?

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Yeah, I know Facebook is bad and all that.

But this ‘new’ thing that seems to be being rolled out in the last few days is how Facebook users now seem to have the ‘ability’ to create a new ‘avatar’ for themselves, a sort of computer-generated version of themselves.

I note with interest that I have not seen this new feature offered to me, nor can I find where I can do so.

I mean like, what the fuck is this? It’s sort of like an advancement of the ‘Bitstrips’ thing that became popular a few years ago, but then disappeared into nothing.

Many years ago, I did enjoy playing the computer game “The Sims”, and I recall now that even before reading any of David Icke’s stuff, years ago I was having some discussion with some friends, and brought up the possibility of our own ‘real lives’ in this world just being part of some ‘Sims’ like computer simulation.

Of course, many Facebook users will just see this as all “a bit of fun”. But what if there is more to this? What if more than just being a real human being interacting with others on ‘social media’, we are being prepared and indeed conditioned into the idea of just becoming a ‘virtual avatar’ in the new reality of cyberspace?

I’m also at this point reminded of an advert for the actual “The Sims 4” game that popped up recently on a phone box in Sparkbrook. The slogan read as:

“I didn’t like my own family, so I made a new one”

More social engineering at work?

Of course, on my personal Facebook profile, I’ve chosen to have a picture which does not show me for the last couple of years, so I’d consider myself to be hypocritical to criticise others for adopting their new ‘avatar’ image.

So in a bit of ‘reverse psychology’ I was tempted – but then stopped myself – from putting up a picture of myself ‘in protest’.

I think I can see whats going on here, the ‘sheep’ are blindly following the latest ‘social-media’ trend, in order to create their own ‘virtual persona’, while perhaps the idea is that those in opposition to this ‘facial-profiling’ exercise will provide the social network with an ‘up-to-date’ image of themselves, ready for facial-profiling?

And yeah, “Facebook is bad” and all that.

Anyone else here on Facebook who’s seen their ‘friends’ lapping this up?

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