“Our Future Is Cold” – an alternative look at climate change

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Anyone who is still on the fence, and dubious about claims being made about climate change, and fed up with being lectured to by Greta Thunberg, will find the below video interesting.

From the ‘Suspicious Observers’ YouTube channel:

Climate Change, Solar Forcing, Ice Age | From volcanic cooling born beneath our feet to the most seemingly distant reaches of both space time, we lay out Climate Forcing: the problems, path forward, and character of the finish line.

Now I’m no climate scientist, and I found some of this stuff hard to follow.

It is easier to believe that our climate is changing, when you understand what is REALLY driving this climate change.

And it has nothing to do with what little Greta Thunberg insists it is.

We’ve had warm periods in the past, and much higher concentrations of atmospheric CO2. The dinosaurs didn’t drive around in gas-guzzling Mercedes, and the Romans didn’t have coal-powered electricity generators.

We’ve also had cold periods in the past.

The climate is changing, but there is little we can do about it, as it is not ‘man-made CO2 emissions’ that are driving this.

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