Cancer and disease – have we got modern medicine all wrong?

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Richard D Hall’s latest show on RichPlanet TV features an interview with Danielle and Lloyd Bryant from, where they discuss the research and work of Dr Ryke Hamer.

Today Richard speaks to alternative health advocates Danielle and Lloyd Bryant who have been running their small business selling alternative health products for over 15 years and over that time period have researched many different products and practices aimed at promoting good health.

Early in 2019 they discovered the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (1935-2017), and were so impressed by his findings about what cancer and ‘disease’ really are, they set about learning everything they could about his work.

Dr Hamer was a medical doctor who was in charge of cancer patients in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1978 when he was 43 his 19 year old son was shot and killed. Shortly after his son died, Dr Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Hamer was a healthy man who had not suffered health issues previously, and wondered whether his cancer could have been caused by the psychological conflict shock that he endured following his sons death.

He set about using his own cancer patients to conduct research and find out the answer to this question. He discovered that ALL cancers and many other so called ‘disease’ are caused or triggered in the psyche. The role of the brain and the psyche is the most important element in understanding so called ‘disease’.

Danielle remarked, “How on Earth have we not come across this work before now”, and “finding out about Dr Hamer’s work has more or less taken over our lives”.

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This is extremely fascinating, and it is incredible (yet unsurprising) that this research has been dismissed and suppressed, without ever being disproven.

Of course, the idea that modern doctors and physicians do not have a clue when it comes to understanding how the human body works is not new to me, having read other material elsewhere which has suggested that good health comes with good state of mind.

“Modern medicine” simply has the goal of treating ‘symptoms’ rather than treating the cause of any illness or disease. And its no surprise that in most cases, the ‘treatment’ of symptoms usually involves the prescribing of or administering drugs, that in many cases lead to ‘unexpected side-effects’. Is this because modern medicine is wrong and looking in the wrong places for the ’cause’ of any illness or ailment?

Certainly the idea that if cancerous tumours are part of the body’s ‘natural healing process’ and our answer to ‘treat’ cancer is by pumping the body with toxic chemicals in the name of ‘chemotherapy’ is abhorrent.

Could we really just “think ourselves better”?

If that was the case, then Big Pharma and its massive profits would be at some risk, wouldn’t they?

I wonder why this groundbreaking research has been suppressed then…

Part 1 of this show is presented above, the remaining 3 parts can be viewed on Richard D Hall’s YouTube channel, or at the RichPlanet TV website.

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