Getting to grips with crime in London


So according to Sadiq Khan, the rise in violent crime during his time as Mayor Of London is due to the Tory government and their cuts to his budget.

Yet in his budget he seems to have plenty of money when it comes to splashing out on gender-neutral public toilets, new cycle lanes, and Islamic community hubs.

And when it comes to police funding, yes, this is the man who allocated funding for a dedicated ‘hate-speech’ recording and monitoring centre.

Also don’t forget this is the same Sadiq Khan who vowed to end ‘stop-and-search’ because it ‘victimised’ people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of politicians from both major parties blaming the other side for their failings.

Yes, while I accept that government cut-backs mean that funding for devolved authorities has been reduced, I believe Mr Khan should be knuckling down, assessing the true priorities and allocating funding accordingly.

Police should be out on the streets on patrol, not sitting in an office at a computer looking for ‘nasty Tweets’.

It has become clear that much of the violence happening in London recently is being carried out mostly by black and ethnic minorities. And the asute observer may even see that this is also being carried out against their own ‘kind’.

Black and ethnic minorities are committing despicable acts of violence with impunity, knowing they are free to walk around freely carrying knives and guns and other weapons, safe in the knowledge that the police force, burdened by politically-correct dogma, are powerless to stop them.

Mr Khan’s reasons for scaling back ‘stop-and-search’ were because he felt that black and ethnic minorities were being ‘victimised’ as they were far more likely to be stopped by police officers. Perhaps because they were more likely to be carrying a weapon?

Actually, as we are seeing as a result, black people are now more likely to become the victim of a violent crime.

It is time the police force were freed from their shackles of political-correctness, and allowed to do their jobs, which is to ‘serve and protect’ everybody, regardless of the colour of their skin.

And Mr Khan needs to quit whining about the Tories, and do the best he can with the resources he has available to him.

Finally, I leave you with with this gem, from the great hypocrite Mr David Lammy himself…

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