Where are these ‘variants’ coming from?

Coronavirus Observations

Kent, Brazil, South Africa, the list of ‘variants’ of this Covid-19 coronavirus grows by the day, in fact we even have some ‘double mutant’ variant that has now supposedly arrived from India.


That’s the general mindset that the mainstream media seem to want to implant into everybody.

But I guess the question that is on any free-thinking individual’s lips is “where is the evidence?”

It’s a very good question indeed, and not one that I have ever seen asked by ‘mainstream media journalists’, nor one that I have seen satisfactorily answered by any ‘expert’ present at these press conferences attended by such ‘mainstream media journalists’.

“Trust us, we are ‘experts’ and we have found a new variant, and you must all be afraid!”

A “small number of cases” of the South Africa Covid-19 variant have been found, Birmingham City Council says.

One case was within the Ladywood and Soho & Jewellery Quarter wards and surge testing will be carried out.


We of course had all this a few weeks ago, when a number of people in Walsall and Sandwell came up as having this ‘South Africa Variant’, but it was repeatedly claimed that it had ‘nothing to do with international travel’.

So I guess the two big questions to be asked here are:

  • If this has nothing to do with international travel, then how has this variant from South Africa arrived in the UK?
  • How exactly has it been determined that such a ‘variant’ has been detected and by what method?

I suppose the other ‘big question’ to be asked is what is the point of all these vaccinations, if the vaccinations can’t ‘protect’ you from the possible ‘variants’.

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-56778126

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