Sarah Everard murder and the 6pm ‘curfew for men’

Crime Observations

In short, Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered by a serving Met Police officer. She went missing on 3rd March, the officer Wayne Couzens was arrested on Tuesday (9th March), and her remains were found on Wednesday (10th March).

The Metropolitan Police previously said Couzens joined the force in 2018, most recently serving in the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, an armed unit responsible for guarding the Parliamentary estate and embassies in London.

His main job was uniformed patrol of diplomatic buildings and Scotland Yard said he was not on duty at the time of Ms Everard’s disappearance.

I don’t want to dwell too much on the actual murder case, of course it needs to be said that this young woman’s death was indeed tragic, and I do feel sympathy for her family and friends.

But the purpose of this article is to look at the ‘fallout’ and reaction from this story.

It is never nice to hear about anyone being murdered, and it must be pointed out that people get murdered all the time, this isn’t some new phenomenon.

But I became alarmed after hearing some suggestion from a Green Party member of the House Of Lords that all men should be subject to a 6pm curfew so that women can feel safe when walking alone on the streets at night.

And I’m like, WTF?

Remember when we had a spate of ‘terror attacks’ in the UK, where ‘Islamic extremists’ were murdering innocent people IN BROAD DAYLIGHT? Were there calls for ‘all Muslims’ to be subject to curfews? No, that’s right, “not all Muslims”, and we shouldn’t judge all Muslims for the actions of a minority of Muslims who happen to be extremists.

Which I feel is correct. We shouldn’t be judging all certain types of people just because of the actions of a minority of them.

Most men DON’T go around kidnapping and murdering innocent women. (I certainly don’t!) Yet the crazed deranged loonies on Twitter started getting all ‘triggered’ by the hashtag #notallmen

So rather than dismissing the speech by Baroness Jones in the house of Lords as some typical Green Party ‘crazy talk’, it then followed that Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford actually supported the idea.

Look, here in the UK we’ve all been subject to various restrictions due to lockdowns for nearly a year now, so I find it incredible that there is another narrative being established calling for even more draconian actions to be taken.

The logic being presented is that “in order for women to stay safe while walking around our streets at night, all men need to be locked indoors”.

For some people, that is being considered ‘acceptable’. (Mainly by feminists, SIMPs and ‘soy boy’ beta males I could probably guess)

If some ‘reverse logic’ was applied, maybe the best way to ‘keep women safe’ is to lock them indoors and prevent them from going out after 6pm?

Of course, that would be viciously attacked as ‘sexist’, ‘misogynistic’ and ‘patronising’. (And quite rightly so)

The big detail being mostly overlooked is the fact that the (currently accused) perpetrator is a serving member of the Metropolitan Police force in London.

So for some reason, people decided to organise public ‘vigils’ for Sarah Everard on Saturday evening (13th March), despite the current Covid lockdown measures in places and rules on outdoor gatherings.

Here where I am, West Midlands Police urged people to stay at home and ‘light a candle on their doorstep’ instead.

Meanwhile in London, people attended a vigil, and were met with hostile force from, yes you guessed it, the Met Police. Because ‘coronavirus rules’.

But you do have to wonder where this narrative is going. Like I said, people get murdered, killed and die every day. Who decides which individuals should be singled out for media attention and ‘candle-lit vigils’?

The accused, Wayne Couzens, is due to appear before Old Bailey magistrates on March 16th, but has already suffered ‘two head injuries’ while being held in custody. What are the odds on him being alive by then?

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