“Racist far-right” UKIP first major UK political party with ‘minority’ leader

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My membership lapsed in April after I lost interest in the internal shenanigans and wranglings going on within UKIP.

But I must admit I was incredibly pleased to learn a couple of days ago that Freddy Vacha had been appointed as the new leader of UKIP, following the ousting of Richard Braine last year.

Now I know that many here may not be familiar with Mr Vacha, but he did stand at the last leadership election, and he was actually my first preference.

To the uninitiated he will come across as a bit ‘oddball’, maybe ‘slightly eccentric’, but don’t let this fool you, he is a very intelligent man, and has a very articulate way with words.

He is not your ‘typical politician’, working from soundbites or slogans.

How is he ‘ethnic minority’ then?.

Vaccha was born in Mumbai to an English mother and a Parsi father. He came second to Braine in the last election in August last year.


If he can somehow get David Kurten back on board, then I think this would truly make a mockery of the claims of UKIP being ‘far-right’ and ‘racist bigots’.

What I would also hope to see is UKIP taking more of an ‘anti-coronavirus’ stance, and start to push and question the narrative that is coming forth from the Tories and Labour, which UKIP seem to have been happy to go along with under the stewardship of interim leader Pat Mountain and chairman Ben Walker, via the communications that I have continued to receive from the party.

Here is a brief statement he gave to the media the other day:

And here are a couple of other videos he is featured in from UKIP’s YouTube channel for your enjoyment.

As I’ve stated already, he’ll end up being ‘mocked’ by much of the mainstream media, simply because he is a bit ‘different’ to your ‘typical politician’ but personally I would find this quite refreshing.

He also genuinely wants to heal and bring this broken party back together, and I think he understands quite well how effective the ‘divide and conquer’ trick is, at undermining and distracting people from the REAL issues at hand.

I wish him all the very best, he does have a very difficult task at hand in resurrecting this party, but it is quite clear that there is still a place in UK politics for a party like UKIP, as long as it is ready to take the job on.

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