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5G Microwave weapon technology

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Correct me if I am wrong with the technical specifications, but I heard this video just yesterday. It is from January 31 - 2018. I listened and hear that Barry Trower is convinced 5G is dangerous, according to this video he is an Royal Navy veteran. Former UK navy weapons researcher. Expert in directed energy weapons.

Here's a quote from the video, this is about a minute before and around the 10 min mark.

" ... [old list] between forty to sixty different frequencies that could cause up to around a hundred neurological  and physiological conditions ... "

" ... now nearly 750 different frequencies that can cause neurological and physiological harm. But it isn't 750 where you get this one or this one or this one. Mathematically it is 750 factorial, which means you can get the effects of one multiplied by two multiplied by three up to 750. Now 5G is going to encompass what lot of the other G's (generations) have and introduce its own as well. And this is why the top scientists in forty countries have actually signed a petition, saying: "you cannot do this". But like every all of the other G's - the industry and the government scientists are choosing to ignore the entire scientific body throughout the world and just plot on regardless because they are actually above the law."



I posted a similar post like this on another forum and my account was suspended from posting because it was a conspiratory post... then I got the reply that:

According to other sources he was a mere high-school physics teacher. . . with two... should I call them - "debunk links" ??


What is your view? Legit lad or no?


Topic starter Posted : June 18, 2020 3:32 pm

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