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Reading stabbings - 3 dead, 2 injured in 'terrorism incident'

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This is all starting to sound strangely familiar:


Reading park stabbings: What we know so far

Three people are dead and at least three others have been injured after stabbings in a park in Reading.

Police have said they are treating the attack as a "terrorist incident".

What happened?

Police were called to Forbury Gardens at about 19:00 BST following reports that a number of people had been stabbed.

Thames Valley Police said a suspect was apprehended and arrested within five minutes of the call.

That man is now known to be Khairi Saadallah, who remains in custody.

There are reports that a police officer "rugby tackled" the suspect to the ground, according to the Sunday Mirror.

The head of counter terrorism policing, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, thanked "unarmed and incredibly brave" officers for detaining the suspect.

He added that the attack was unrelated to a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest held hours earlier in the park, and that members of the public had provided emergency first aid to victims in the immediate aftermath.




It is interesting to note that the 'suspect' was apprehended almost immediately, yet hours later officers raided a block of flats. What was the 'bang' heard at 00:30 after the officers gained entry to the apartment? And whose apartment was it? What exactly were they looking for?


Here's a giveaway:


Officers are not looking for any other people in connection with this incident and say there is no intelligence to suggest that there is any further danger to the public.


So they've got "their man" now, now the narrative can start to be formed.


And here's another giveaway, this time from PM Boris Johnson, and once again so predictable:


In a later interview on Sunday, the PM said that he was "appalled and sickened that people should lose their lives in this way".

He added: "If there are lessons that we need to learn about how we handle such cases, how we handle the events leading up to such cases, then we will learn those lessons - and we will not hesitate to take action when necessary."

Asked what action he was suggesting, he replied: "If there are changes that need to be made to our legal system to stop such events happening again, we will not hesitate to take that action - as we have before, you will recall, over the automatic early release of terrorist offenders".


Whenever I hear the phrase "lessons to be learned" I can't help but feel like its a brush off, as lessons never seem to be learned as the same things keep happening over and over again.


It's almost like a brush off, all they're interested in is are "changes to be made", the opportunity to further the 'agenda'.


And there's more!

Reading stabbing attack suspect Khairi Saadallah known to MI5 - sources

The man held on suspicion of killing three people at a park in Reading was known to MI5, security sources say.

Khairi Saadallah, 25, from the town, was arrested at the scene on Saturday and police say they are not looking for anyone else over the terror incident.

Sources told the BBC he is originally from Libya and came to the attention of MI5 in 2019.

Where have we heard all this before?

Oh, and the narrative continues, one of the victims is a teacher, and the school couldn't wait to gush with praise.


One victim has been named as teacher James Furlong - described by his school as "talented and inspirational".

The Holt School in Wokingham paid tribute to Mr Furlong, its head of history and government and politics, in a letter to parents, saying he was a "kind and gentle man" with a "real sense of duty".

"He truly inspired everyone he taught through his passion for his subject and his dedication," the secondary school for girls wrote, in a letter signed by co-head teachers Anne Kennedy and Katie Pearce.

"He was determined that our students would develop a critical awareness of global issues and in doing so, become active citizens and have a voice."

Note the Common Purpose-speak in the final sentence. That translates as 'programming children to become activists'.

And check out that wanker 'Sir' Keir Starmer:


Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said that "people are united in their grief" following the attack, and that he wants to speak to the prime minister to discuss how to "learn from this."

"This is not a time for party politics," he said.

"It's incumbent on all of us to pull together in response to this on a cross party basis."

"Not a time for party politics" - yeah right, just watch him and his Labour stooges laying into Boris and the Tories when they come up with their response.

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