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Could this be the new DIforum? ... Grumpy Owl? What's in a name  

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The Owl , for some reason has been linked to wisdom , knowledge ... So perhaps it is appropriate ...Having knowledge of our subject ... knowledge of the truth of the world could lead to grumpiness ... depression...

That's a little how I feel at the moment .... I seem to have lost interest in the subject ... It's all too predictable and depressing ...Everyone is under mind control ...all wearing masks ... soon the economy will collapse riots ...race/immigrant riots .... a break down in civilization... then the crazy stuff will start , arrival of ET's etc ....

And there's no way out for those who know what's coming .... everyone is caught ... I shouldn't care too much , I am removed from it all , as safe as anyone could be .... but still it's depressing ...

The latest from DI summed up how I feel ... he feels it too and doesn't know what to do .... I do ...Pray for Divine Intervention! 

This is DI's latest Audio report of his recent travel around the UK , very entertaining and tear inducing


Posted : 12/07/2020 1:56 pm
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Thanks Oz, I'm not looking for this place to be the 'new' anything, just somewhere else that's 'under the radar' for like-minded folks to discuss and share ideas.

Posted : 12/07/2020 7:06 pm