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Freedom Alliance - new UK political party

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Had a leaflet pushed through my door this morning from a candidate standing in the local council by-election here in Billesley, Birmingham.

He's representing a brand new political party, the Freedom Alliance, which was founded last year (2020) and was approved by the Electoral Commission just last month.

They will be standing in local elections across the country in May 2021, and from what I've read they would be worthy of giving them your vote if you can.

Freedom Alliance is a campaigning political party that is committed to the principles of personal liberty, sovereignty, and human rights. We reject all forms of governmental restrictions and curtailments on free people. We believe the only instance in which state authorities should have the right to dictate or restrict an individual’s movements is when that individual has been found guilty of a criminal offence in a court of law.

In all other instances, we believe in the absolute right of the people to:

*Leave home whenever they choose;

*Make a living and operate business premises;

*Freely associate, assemble, and protest;

*Speak freely without censorship or penalty;

*Make their own free and uncoerced medical choices.

The primary objective of Freedom Alliance is to install candidates in government – at both local council and parliamentary levels – where they can challenge and oppose the restrictions commonly referred to as “lockdown”, and all permutations thereof, such as the tier system. Our elected representatives will do all within in their power to defend the rights of constituents who have, for example, lost their jobs through ‘no jab, no job’ policies. They will also push for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to get to the bottom of what has happened since March 2020, why it happened and who (within and out with the UK) is responsible.

Freedom Alliance also believes in the critical importance of governments always remaining accountable and subject to parliamentary approval and due process. We believe that, regardless of what unusual or even emergency situation the country may be dealing with, there is never just cause for this process being suspended.

Our fundamental founding principle is that individuals retain both the absolute right and the absolute responsibility to determine how they will live their lives, including how they choose to protect their health.

We do not believe imposing health-protecting measures on the populace is a governmental responsibility. People must have the absolute freedom to choose, with no penalty or disadvantage resulting from their choice. 

Freedom Alliance is a fledgling political party, an entirely grassroots organisation run by unpaid volunteers. As such, we thank you for your patience as we develop.

Although we aim to produce a full manifesto in time, at present our sole focus is on standing candidates in the May 2021 elections, who will oppose government restrictions, and help enable us to reclaim our essential and inalienable personal liberties and human rights



Topic starter Posted : April 24, 2021 5:02 pm

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