Maybe you’re a ‘grumpy owl’ too?

Do you have an opinion you want to share, or maybe you want to discuss a particular topic, that is considered ‘frowned upon’?

As you’ve probably already seen on this site, I have my own opinions and share my own observations and thoughts on what’s happening.

In these times of rampant censorship and punishment for ‘wrongthink’, it is important that we build up our own little online communities – places where like-minded folks can hang out and talk and chat with each other, free from the aggravation that comes with having to deal with those ‘going with the narrative’.

As well as being able to comment on my blog articles, visitors can now sign up and participate in the Community areas of this site.

Discussion Forum

We have a full featured forum board here, with a number of boards already set up for various subjects of interest.

Forums used to be very popular on the internet, until of course the ‘big social media’ giants like Facebook and Twitter came along and took over, but they don’t really allow for structured, focused and organised topic discussions, and I believe that is completely deliberate, people with short attention spans and all that.


But then again, social media style activity streams and ‘timelines’ can serve some purpose, even if just for ‘quick-fire’ posting of thoughts, or sharing useful articles from elsewhere. So we do have this provided for also, members can post to their own activity feed, or to public and group feeds.


Groups are a nice way of getting people with similar interests to organise and come together, and share relevant updates with each other.

And you can be assured that on this website (unlike on Facebook) details of groups and group memberships are not being spied on or shared with authorities.

Get involved!

See the links in the top ‘Community’ menu!

I don’t have any grand designs of becoming a new Facebook or Twitter, or any new alternative platform, or to even ‘rival’ or take away people from other ‘alternative communties’. I just want this site to become another one, somewhere where people can come together and join up, in order to fight back against what is unfolding before us.

What you do is entirely up to you.

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