Are food delivery companies facilitating illegal immigration?

Are food delivery companies facilitating illegal immigration?

I came across this brief story in the Express & Star the other day and it asks more questions than are posed.

A food delivery worker has been arrested for immigration offences after being stopped riding his push bike along the M6 southbound near Birmingham.

Central Motorway Police issued a warning saying: “The motorway is no place for delivery riders, it’s an offence and highly dangerous.”

The incident was reported at around 4am on Tuesday on the team’s Twitter page.

It read: “Male arrested for immigration offences having been stopped riding his push bike along the M6 South between junctions 7-6 he was delivering takeaways.”

“Food delivery rider arrested for immigration offences after cycling down the M6” – Express & Star, 10th October 2023

I can’t find it now, but I did see another article about this, where it was claimed that this idiot person was delivering for Just Eats or Deliveroo (can’t remember which one, but it was one of ‘those’)

Aside from the fact that cyclists really shouldn’t be riding on the motorway, it is interesting that this person was charged with ‘immigration offences’, and then that was it, story over.

No information about his immigration status, and no questions about how he was able to gain employment with this company.

“Immigration offences” suggests to me that this person was an illegal immigrant. From where they came I do not know, but it would seem that they had no right to be in this country.

(They certainly had no idea about the Highway Code!)

Which then raises the question of how they were able to gain employment as a delivery driver?

Do Just Eat, Deliveroo et al have any due process in place to vet their applicants? How on earth do illegal immigrants gain ‘legal employment’ and pay income tax, national insurance etc?

How many other illegal immigrants are there working for these companies as delivery drivers?

Thanks to EnigmaticWorld over at the David Icke Forum for bringing to my attention the following Reddit post:

It certainly helps explain why so many ‘economic migrants’ are desperate to come to the UK, and why there is so much people-trafficking going on.

And that Reddit thread is 4 years old now, so this has been going on for some time!

Working flexibly with Deliveroo means you choose exactly how you work. As outlined in your supplier agreement, this includes being able to choose to appoint other people to complete orders for you.

When you appoint a substitute it’s your responsibility to make sure that this person meets all of the requirements to work with Deliveroo, as set out in your supplier agreement. This includes checking the following information about your substitute:

  • They are over 18 years of age
  • They have the right to work in the UK
  • They are not subject to any unspent criminal convictions
  • They know how to perform deliveries safely and in accordance with applicable road safety, food safety and health and safety laws

Please remember that you’re responsible for your substitute and their knowledge of how to carry out deliveries safely and according to the relevant road safety, food safety and health and safety laws.

“Everything you need to know about substitution” – Deliveroo

It must be relatively easy for someone ‘legit’ to set up loads of Deliveroo accounts and then ‘sub-let’ them out to illegal immigrants, taking a cut of the earnings in the process.

This is scandalous, but I’m not surprised that this has never been properly investigated or questioned by the mainstream media. And most normal people wouldn’t care otherwise, they just keep ordering their takeaways via these apps and just assume that their delivery driver is above board and legit.

That Deliveroo allow (and actually encourage) this, while passing on the ‘burden of responsibility’, should be a major red flag.

At this point in time, I do not know whether other food delivery companies such as Just Eat or Uber Eats have similar policies, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t.

And I’m also sure that there are plenty of people legitimately employed by these companies who do and enjoy this work, so I’m not trying to tar all people with the same brush.

But it does seem to me that this is an opportunity that is being exploited by others for nefarious means – the likes of Deliveroo may never openly admit to it, but their ‘substitution policy’ is a loophole that allows illegal immigrants to be exploited and encourages more to come to our country with the false promise of ‘gainful employment’. Which in reality is nothing more than ‘slave labour’ at less than minimum wage.

And in turn this is fuelled by a desire to keep people at home living on a diet of ‘convenient’ takeaway meals, as they are rapidly unable to prepare simple and cheap meals for themselves.