“The Lizard People”

“The Lizard People”

A common theme that appears in many sci-fi moves and TV shows is one that portrays the “bad guys” as being lizards, or reptilian-like in form, or even lizards disguised in human skin.

Probably the most famous example I can recall is the classic “V” mini-series from the early 80s.

Over the course of five feature-length episodes, it told a story of how a group of aliens (known as Visitors) arrived in a number of motherships, with seemingly good intentions and looking for our help. They looked “just like us” and offered us advanced scientific knowledge in return for a quantity of water, which is of course abundant on Earth, but had become scarce on their home planet.

As with most things, this offer was “too good to be true”, and the Visitors set about establishing themselves on Earth and soon found themselves in control with little resistance.

The series is highly recommended viewing because it explores many aspects, and draws comparisons with the Nazi Germany takeover of Europe prior to and during World War 2, as well as highlighting how the media and propaganda can be effective at making a target population subservient and docile, unaware of what is really happening, until it is too late of course.

A plucky band of resistance fighters soon learn what the Visitors real intentions are, and who they really are…

It is interesting to note in this scene how even when presented with “the truth”, those who have bought in to the propaganda, and even colluded with the Visitors, refuse to believe what they see and dismiss it as “a trick”.

Well thankfully in ‘real-life’ there is no such thing as ‘lizards in human skin’, or is there? Noted conspiracy researcher David Icke is probably most famous for making bold claims about the British Royal Family being ‘shapeshifting lizards’ many years ago. He’s long since changed his stance, but is still ridiculed for these claims even now, but I do think his “The Biggest Secret” book is worthwhile reading if you’re open-minded enough and would like to learn or understand more.

In sci-fi, the concept of ‘lizards in human bodies’ never went away, and it is my belief that in 2005 as part of the ‘reboot’ of the popular BBC series “Doctor Who”, Russell T Davies introduced the Slitheen as a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ parody of the concept.

These aliens had a way of squeezing themselves into human skins to disguise themselves and their intentions, but due to their size had to ‘compress’ themselves, which often resulted in cases of ‘flatulence’…

It made for an amusing and entertaining story I suppose, but one does have to wonder if this storyline was written to mock or ridicule the concept, or to even dilute the other underlying messages that the likes of “V” were trying to portray?

Personally I’ve never met or seen any shape-shifting lizard people, however I have encountered people who may look human, but definitely don’t act human-like or with any humanity or compassion. So I’m not prepared to rule this one out completely!