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Welcome folks!

I have added this discussion forum to my website, in the hope that fellow 'alternative thinkers' will find this a 'safe place' (lol) to share their thoughts, opinions, research and findings, without fear of being censored or stifled.

"Alternative thinking", that is anything that goes against the 'official narrative', is being targeted and attacked vociferously on many mainstream platforms, and even many 'conspiracy theory' websites are getting hijacked and infiltrated, in an attempt to 'rubbish' or stifle such discussions.

I'm not attempting to 'compete' with any such other alternative thinking websites here, but in line with the idea of 'decentralising' things, I believe it is better to have such 'at risk' material posted and shared in as many places as possible.

This website doesn't enjoy huge exposure, and doesn't rank highly in search engine results, in fact in some ways I prefer things like that. "Clique-y"? you might ask? Well, perhaps, but I'd prefer to run a low-key site that doesn't attract much attention from the likes of Google et al, and just allows its members to do what they need to do to make information available.

So if you've found your way here, either by being introduced by myself, or through someone else I have invited, please feel free to join in.

But be warned, if you've stumbled here by accident, and just want to parrot the 'official narrative' then you might not be so welcome...

Topic starter Posted : June 7, 2020 9:41 pm

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