The Brexit Party – or “Making Plans For Nigel”

In a blaze of triumphant glory, Nigel Farage announced yesterday that the all new “The Brexit Party” had been formally recognised by the Electoral Commission and would be ready to stand candidates in any forthcoming election. The party was founded with my full support and with the intention of fighting the European elections on May […]

“Project Fear” – Scaring us with LIES

Breitbart: “Project Fear Latest: Brexit to Ground Planes, End Sandwich Trade, Cause ‘Super-Gonorrhoea’ Epidemic” The steady diet of Brexit scare stories is continuing, with officials claiming the country could be overtaken by super-gonorrhoea and other infectious diseases. The claims follow revelations from a Tory MP close to Theresa May that the Government plans to “scare […]

My vision of a post-Brexit Britain

My biggest criticism of Theresa May during the so-called Brexit ‘negotiations’ with the EU, is that with her being a ‘Remainer’, the woman has no vision or desire, or even imagination, to envisage what a future Britain could/should look like beyond our withdrawal from the EU. Our Remain-leaning politicians, of which there are a great […]