What’s Farage up to now?

With Brexit now seemingly ‘done’, Nigel Farage starts to show his true colours again by revealing his next ‘big battle to fight’. I know that China are no paragons of virtue, but this ‘anti-China narrative’ has been simmering ever since the pandemic first broke last year, and it looks like certain ‘agitators’ are going to […]

Biden or Trump? It makes little difference either way

Americans are heading to the polls today (3rd November 2020) to decide who will be their next president. It’s pretty much a straight choice between the Republicans’ Donald Trump and the Democrats’ Joe Biden. There probably are other candidates, but you’ll never hear about them in the media. I’m neither American, nor do I live […]

The Heritage Party – a new UK political party to get behind

As you may remember, I was a supporter of and member of UKIP for a couple of years, but I let my membership lapse in April 2020, as I’d had enough of the wrangling and failures within that party. One of the few people I had a great deal of respect for within UKIP was […]