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Variants and Vaccines – some questions NOT being asked at press conferences

So now the latest ‘talk’ is that of these new ‘mutant strains’ or ‘variants’ of this coronavirus / COVID-19 that are doing the rounds. At the last count, we have the ‘UK variant’, the ‘Brazilian variant’ and the ‘South African variant’, and we are being told that these ‘new strains’ are ‘more contagious’ and spreading […]

Coronavirus Health & Medical Observations

“Swine Flu – The Sequel” – the next ‘pandemic’?

Ever had that feeling of “deja vu”? Seen on the Birmingham Mail website today: New flu strain with ‘potential to become pandemic’ found in pigs in China Scientists have identified a new type of flu which has ‘pandemic potential’. The discovery, which has taken place in China, has seen medical experts unearth a brand-new strain […]

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Cancer and disease – have we got modern medicine all wrong?

Richard D Hall’s latest show on RichPlanet TV features an interview with Danielle and Lloyd Bryant from, where they discuss the research and work of Dr Ryke Hamer. Today Richard speaks to alternative health advocates Danielle and Lloyd Bryant who have been running their small business selling alternative health products for over 15 years […]